Supreme Court shatters law geeks’ wedding dreams

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Highest court in the land opens its doors to private hire events — but has no licence for couples to tie the knot


The Supreme Court has today announced that five of its rooms will be made available for private hire, fuelling speculation that the first Supreme Court wedding could be right around the corner.

The prestigious court launched its dedicated events website today, breaking the news to its 188,000 Twitter followers this morning.

There are five rooms available for hire, the largest being The Lobby at six metres by seven metres. Legal Cheek likes the sound of The Lawyers’ Suite the best, mainly because of the name and the room’s collection of law books. Apparently it also has “a beautifully decorated ceiling”.

Annoyingly, prices for the two big rooms are not specified on the website — but the hire-out costs for the smaller meeting rooms are. A full day in Meeting Room 3, 4 or 6 will set you back £450 excluding VAT, with the option of a sandwich lunch from £9.50 per head.

So what about that Supreme Court wedding? Legal Cheek has traced an ongoing trend of lawyers announcing their engagements and marriages in the national press, and we’re sure there are many more weddings like this that slip under the radar. We can’t think of a more fitting wedding venue for these loved up lawyers than the highest court in the land.

Having a scan of the website, the court’s most popular events are listed as private dining, drinks receptions, conferences and meetings. So no mention of weddings, though the website is at pains to point out that the event’s “specific requirements” are open for discussion.

Unfortunately, our wedding dreams came crashing down when we got in touch with the Supreme Court directly. A spokesperson told us:

We are not licensed for weddings and we have no plans to register for such. Our events offer is predominantly for corporate receptions rather than personal events.

We’ll have to put our hats back in the cupboard for now then…