A sleepless Prince

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By Alex Wade on

Google’s algorithms throw up an interesting comment on (some) lawyers’ lives


Ever keen to sift the net for legal news, here at Legal Cheek only a few minutes can go by without one of us entering the words “law news” into a search engine (OK, Google).

We did this just a minute ago and found this story. Yes, that Prince apparently worked 154 hours without sleep before his untimely death is ranked second by Google in today’s entries for “law news.”


Where’s the law in this news? And before anyone says we’re being foolish, that there are plenty of mentions of Prince’s brother-in-law in the story and that’s why it’s there, just hang on a minute.

Is it possible that Google’s algorithms have decided that some lawyers — associate and trainees at magic circle firms, for example — habitually work six days without sleep?


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