BPP law student caught with £1,120 of cannabis spared jail to pursue legal career

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Aspiring lawyer handed career lifeline by judge — but is it already too late?

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A BPP University Law School student who was caught with £1,120 worth of cannabis stuffed in the roof of his car has been spared jail in order to continue pursing a career in law.

In March, Firase Morgan — who is a current LLB student at BPP in London — was caught supplying cannabis to a barmaid at an upmarket boozer in Knightsbridge. Becoming suspicious of Morgan’s behaviour, police searched his vehicle that was parked outside, and discovered 28 wraps of cannabis hidden in the roof lining. A further search of Morgan’s bedroom revealed £1,000 in cash.

Claiming that the money was his only source of “student finance”, the 25 year-old pleaded guilty earlier this month to possession of a Class B drug with intent to supply and to supplying a Class B drug .

Yesterday at Isleworth Crown Court Judge Robert Winstanley handed down a 12 month custodial sentence — suspended for two years — and 120 hours’ community service. He told the young law student:

I’ll give you this opportunity to pick things up in your life and continue with your studies and career ambitions and address your cannabis addiction.

Prior to his run in with the law, the aspiring lawyer appeared to be a model student. Not only did he stand in two City of Westminster council elections in 2014 on behalf of Labour, Morgan was also an ambassador for London-based legal charity Just for Kids Law.

However, according to the Evening Standard, this isn’t Morgan’s first brush with the law. During sentencing yesterday it emerged that the BPP law student had a previous conviction for robbery. Winstanley told Morgan:

You are saved from a custodial sentence by three things: You have got problems and have done something to address them. You have pleaded guilty and your record does not help you, but it is seven or eight years since you were last involved, when you spent a period in custody for robbery.

Pleading guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court earlier this month, Morgan had — rather cheekily — reportedly complained that his sentencing clashed with a holiday he had booked to Andorra. Having presumably missed his jolly abroad, the lucky law student has been given a second chance at a career in law. However many might argue that with two serious convictions to his name his options are severely limited.


BPP law student caught dealing cannabis to fund lawyer dream [Legal Cheek]


baby bazzah

A robber and a drug dealer? Good luck getting anywhere in law, chap.



That’s common place in practice IMHO…



Drugs yes, robbery, no



I heard that Saul Goodman is hiring


a nony moose

An absolute member.



I didn’t think you could get registered onto the law society’s books as a trainee/solicitor with a conviction on the basis that it reflects poorly upon your ‘good standing’.



Not every conviction will prevent a person from being accepted by the law society/bar. However, it has to be disclosed. Then it is up to the relevant body to decide whether the conviction is of such a nature render the individual of unsatisfactory character. Minor drugs convictions and motoring convictions shouldn’t prevent a person from moving forwards. Any offence involving dishonesty or serious violence will likely prevent the person from getting the law societies blessing. Robbery could be such an offence, depending upon the facts.



Khalid Missouri was jailed for seven years after Post Office raid
42-year-old sentenced for robbery in 1993 at Southampton Crown Court
Qualified as a solicitor after release from prison
Former co-defendant asked Missouri to act for him in sex assault case



As said above, the law society will look at it on a case by case basis. I wouldn’t say that there is no chance that the chap will be allowed entry, but he may do well to seek advice before applying for the LPC/BPTC. The risk is that the person assessing his application will see three offences, two involving dishonesty, as being of a different nature to a single offence in an secondary capacity (albeit of a violent nature). But they may also take into account that they were while he was technically a minor. Etc etc. The point is that you can’t make a call either way, and he would be best off seeking the law societies advice prior to putting down any money on course fees.


An elitist graduate

The judge was very naive if he thinks sparing him prison will save this moron’s future in the legal profession. Robbery AND supplying a class B drug? He might as well drop out of uni now. He wouldn’t even be hired as a legal assistant.



Sounds perfect for Jones Day.


Charlie from JD

Top banter, 9/11.


Boh Dear

Robbery conviction = gg legal career



I love the way Legal Cheek purport to be all right-on most of the time, but are more than happy to put the boot in for a few clicks.

This guy may or may not manage to become a lawyer. But articles like this are only going to hinder his progress.

I don’t mind Legal Cheek behaving like a tabloid, but it would be nice if they gave up the hypocritical SJW stuff. Can’t have it both ways Alex.



shhhhh, Firase.



Hi Firase!



Totally agree, this site’s contributors are all bitter failed lawyers.



Won’t get anywhere good with a BPP LLB as opposed to an Oxbridge/ Russell Group LLB anyway…



Neither Oxford nor Cambridge offers an LLB…



“Not only did he stand in two City of Westminster council elections in 2014 on behalf of Labour”

Now there’s a surprise.


Charlie from JD

This is possibly the best nickname in the history of LC.


Judge Judy

We all sensed on Firase Morgan’s last comment page that he was dodgy in more ways than just dealing. I’ve no idea who Firase is but the robbery thing comes as no surprise. He’s a chancer who tried his luck with the judge last time saying he’d got a holiday booked in Andorra this week! His law career’s over. Try Tesco’s, Firase, they’re looking for checkout staff right now


Firase Morgan

I’ll try shagging your mum first before I try tesco ??


Look at this pinhead and laugh

Lol wut



Robbery they forgot to mention it was joint enterprise.!!!Don’t worry Firase we all support !!! You’ve done many great things in life unfortunately the tabloid only want to write things that people are going to dislike you for that’s why they didn’t mention you working at the soup kitchen for homeless people voluntarily, they didn’t mention all the fantastic work you done within the community and they didn’t mention the charity work you done for just for kids law. THE LIST GOES ON!!! Don’t expect the media to write good things about you because that wouldn’t make it anywhere in the tabloid, unfortunately this was a campaign bashing against the Labour Party and you was caught up in the middle!! You future is NOT over and I know for you this is just the start.



Is ‘joint enterprise’ a new synonym for ‘not guilty’?

I worried that the noisy campaigns about JE plus a load of misinformed reports of the Jogee judgment would land us here. And they have.



It is, as it hasn’t been applied correctly the court rules!!! Try researching before commenting.



Except the Supreme court warned against this very reaction, trying to remind people that the majority of JE decisions will still be correct and safe.



and you know the facts of his case to say it’s part of that majority do you ?


No, but occams razor is useful in situations like these. Robbery 2008, theft from the person 2009.


There’s always two sides to a story, don’t always believe what you read… #onlysaying



So true…. They will never mention all the good things you’ve done and how much you’ve given back to the community.



Meanwhile, here I am facing an unemployed law grads future since I am about to fail all of my law exams successively.



I’ve seen many politicians over the years commit more serious offences and turn their life around, this is minor!! Pick yourself up and start again boy.



The most unprofessional article I have ever read in my life. Go back to school kid.



Firase understand that it’s the journalists job to write bad things about you, who would read it if it was all good hey, no one would really care.



If dis breh wrote this madness bwt me I wud hve mike tysoned him


Earl of Red Leicester

Come again? I don’t speak Council Estate-ish.


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