One Direction? Judge halts trial because he has no idea who boyband is

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By Thomas Connelly on

“I am more of a Bach man myself”


A judge unfamiliar with popular pop culture momentarily halted court proceedings yesterday to enquire as to who the world’s biggest boy band One Direction was.

Judge Ian Lawrie QC, sitting at Plymouth Crown Court, was dealing with three defendants accused of flogging more than 1,000 counterfeit tops and hoodies bearing the images and trademarks of the four-piece pop outfit on eBay.

However, it would appear — based on yesterday’s court proceedings, at least — that judge Lawrie QC is not a devoted ‘Directioner’.

Despite having a string of number ones and a combined wealth of over £70 million, judge Lawrie QC had never heard of them. Bringing proceedings to a brief stop, the circuit judge told defence barrister Nick Lewin:

Don’t be surprised to hear that I have not heard of them.

Before clarifying for the benefit of court his own musical preference.

I am more of a Bach man myself.

Happy to help out the classical music-loving judge, Lewin responded:

They are absolutely huge. They are collectively worth about £70 million.

But before judge Lawrie QC nipped out to purchase 1D’s greatest hits from his local record shop including, obviously, their hit ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ Lewin was quick to add:

If you have not heard any of their music, then your honour is definitely blessed.

According to The Herald, the three defendants — who come from Plymouth, Newquay and Cornwall — admitted selling goods bearing false trademarks between 2009 and 2012. Given their t-shirts fetched as much £20 each, it is believed the group pocketed upwards of £150,000. They will be sentenced later today.

This isn’t the first time judge Lawrie QC has hit the headlines. Last year during a sexual assault case the judge had to ask a barrister to clarify what exactly a “onesie” was.

From onesies to One Direction, come on Lawrie, get with the times.