Spiritual healer advertises legal services at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court

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By Thomas Connelly on

Mr Madiba guarantees “quick results”


A self-proclaimed African spiritual healer appears to have taken a punt at the professional legal services market, offering his expertise to the court users of Hammersmith Mags.

Spotted by a Legal Cheek spy earlier this week, Mr Madiba — who claims to have been gifted since birth — has placed an advertisement on the west London court’s notice board. Offering advice on “court” and “immigration” cases, Madiba guarantees “quick results”.


In these speeded-up times this represents an interesting play by the spiritual healer. It no longer matters whether you win or lose but simply how quickly you receive your verdict. Mr Madiba may not guarantee you the result you want, but he won’t waste any of your time in securing it.

The provision of speedy legal advice is just one of the spiritual healer’s many talents. Proclaiming to “be the answer” to all your problems, Madiba also specialises in, inter alia, “black magic”, “voodoo” and “sexual impotency”.

Finally, and perhaps of most interest to law students currently staring at their books, Madiba is also willing and able to provide guidance with “exams”. Sadly, he doesn’t go into greater detail, but having a spiritual healer on call can only give you an edge over your fellow students.