12 lawgasmic moments for law students

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By Katie King on

From law fair freebies to concurring judgments

Law students may complain about the pain and suffering involved in studying for their degree: the reading, the late nights, the ridiculous case names. There’s a lot to moan about when it comes to the LLB.

In amongst all the crying and binge-eating, however, there are a few happy moments, a few ‘lawgasms’. Remember that feeling in the first year when the library unexpectedly topped up your printing credits? Or that time you found a really useful article on LexisNexis that wasn’t on the reading list and you felt really smug about it for the rest of the week?

Maybe law school isn’t that bad after all.

Let’s count down Legal Cheek’s top 12 lawgasmic moments.

1. When all the judges concur

2. Training contract applications

When the training contract application form asks you to upload your CV instead of typing out your work history and education.

3. Free booze and food

When the ‘snacks and drinks’ promised at the commercial awareness networking event are wine and canapés, not just crisps and orange squash.

4. When your tutor gives you that exam-hint wink when he mentions a particular topic


5. When you find a case from your reading list on e-lawresources

6. When someone’s scribbled a helpful note in the library book you’re currently reading

7. When you need to revisit a Westlaw session you completely forgot about and it hasn’t timed out yet

8. When you play revision roulette and your topics come up

9. Pop culture references in exams

When the parties in the criminal law problem question are named after characters from your favourite TV show (and your least favourite character ends up getting murdered by your favourite character).

10. Surprisingly helpful interruptions

When a mature student stops a lecture halfway through to ask a question — and it’s actually a really useful and helpful one.

11. When the law firm freebie you picked up at the careers fair comes in handy


12. Law book bargains

When you find an old, but still perfectly useable, edition of a statute book on eBay for two quid and feel like a total bargain hunter.