Courtroom ‘selfie’ taker who uploaded group snap on Facebook slapped with £190 fine

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The illegal photograph also captured the magistrates’ legal adviser in the background


A man who took a selfie at York Magistrates Court and posted it on his personal Facebook page has been handed a £190 fine.

James Alexander Kyle was so keen to document his friend’s appearance in courtroom two of York Mags last November that he took the opportunity to whip out his mobile phone and take a selfie while the court was in session.

Despite the cheeky pic inadvertently capturing those involved in the trial — including the magistrate’s legal advisor — the 32 year-old road worker, presumably already thinking of those social media ‘likes’, then proceeded to post the snap on his personal Facebook page.

Unfortunately for Kyle, police got wind of his in-court photography session, and he was arrested for two offences under section 41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925. According to local newspaper The Press, the magistrate asked Kyle if had spotted the signs dotted around the court building, explicitly telling visitors that photography was strictly forbidden.

Have you seen the notices around the building saying no photographs?

Kyle — ironically appearing in the very courtroom he took the forbidden selfie — responded:

Yes I have.

Pressed by the magistrate as to why he took the photograph despite knowing it was illegal, Kyle said:

There were a few of us, I just took a photograph of all of us. It’s called a selfie.

Pleading guilty yesterday, Kyle — from Selby, North Yorkshire — was handed an £85 fine, a further £85 in prosecution costs and a statutory surcharge of £20. Now that’s an expensive selfie.