Cringeworthy Skadden recruitment brochure from bygone days surfaces online

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They sure don’t make them like they used to


A cringeworthy graduate recruitment brochure for US giant Skadden, that reportedly dates back almost 16 years, has emerged online.

The pamphlet — spotted by our friends across the pond at Above the Law — features a number of Skadden’s lawyers alongside what the marketing manager at the time will have no doubt described as ‘clever wordplay’.

Going all out to attract the top legal graduates, Thomas Pak — who is still at Skadden — can be seen looking menacing while straddling a burgundy moped.

Appearing alongside the antitrust and competition specialist is the phrase “Leader of the Pak.” In a hat tip to the 1964 hit by The Shangri-Las, it would appear Skadden’s marketing team knew exactly how to appeal to the young wannabe lawyers of the time.


In another marketing shot, now ex-Skadden lawyer, Eric Manne, can be seen wearing a superman-style cape, alongside the witty caption “Manne of action.” Far from career kryptonite for the litigation specialist, Manne is now managing an annual budget of over £13.5 million as deputy general counsel at AIG.


Up next is Elizabeth Devine. A former associate in Skadden’s Chicago office, Devine can be seen floating above a cushion along with caption “Devine Intervention”. Sigh.


Last — but by no means least — is a certain ‘Ms Payne’. The former Skadden lawyer holds a heavy dumb-bell next to the phrase “No Payne, No Gain”. An expression corporate lawyers are probably all too familiar with.


With the vast majority of corporate law firms now playing it ultra-safe with regards to promotional materials, Legal Cheek respectfully requests that we bring back this marketing madness.



This is no worse than the platitude filled, kack-stream that flows forth now.


Tudor Street

Apparently the entire office staff of Skadden here in London was led by several US partners to chant “I shall defend this house, the House of Skadden” at the Xmas party last year. Who didn’t join in was told off.

Total cult job, only the most diehard sycophants and toilers succeed there.



I really don’t see too much wrong with this…

Those individuals involved are probably going to be a little embarrassed if they see these photos but no more than you or I would be having photos of us uploaded onto the internet from 16 years ago!

Move along.



Weak game this morning, LC.



Nothing wrong with having some character in your grad recruitment. When I was applying for TCs and researching firms, Slaughter and May was the only MC firm which seemed to have any.

Since I have discovered that the character of Slaughter and May trainees seems to be “utter bellend”.




I have a vac scheme. Care to expand?



LC, please employ a sub. There are too many errors in your articles; it’s very distracting.

Apostrophes, caps, hyphens…sort it out!



Yes indeed – how about…
spotted by our friend’s across the pond
…for example



This is the best thing ever, nothing at all wrong with it. Frickin hilarious.



That dumbbell doesn’t look very heavy.


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