Ding-dong in Hong Kong: Stephenson Harwood trainee punches partner in drink-fuelled secondment ‘initiation’

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Shots! Shots! Shots!


A trainee at London-based outfit Stephenson Harwood has punched a partner in the face during a drink-fuelled “initiation”.

According to legal blog Roll on Friday, the unnamed trainee — who clearly fancies himself as the next Floyd Mayweather — is currently on secondment at the firm’s Hong Kong office.

In what is being described as an “initiation of sorts” the young lawyer and his new team hit the streets of HK to celebrate his arrival. Having being “forced” to down shots on an empty stomach, the trainee — presumably full of Dutch courage — turned around and landed a punch on one of the firm’s partners.

Stephenson Harwood, who has around 25% of its staff in China and South East Asia, has opted not to reprimand the Rocky rookie lawyer, with one insider claiming “he didn’t punch him hard enough”. Another source close to the firm disputed the fact the trainee wasn’t allowed to eat — presumably he was allowed the lemon from his Tequila.

This isn’t the first time a Stephenson Harwood trainee has overindulged on the drink.

Last year — during a Law Society Excellence Awards — a young lawyer at the shipping and litigation specialist puked up over herself after too much plonk. Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for the firm said that the unnamed trainee was “extemely embarrassed” and regretted “drinking too much”. Sadly, she didn’t win an award for excelllence.

Stephenson Harwood declined to comment on this latest incident.



Ah, careers over before they’ve even started!

Nice going, Neanderthals!



Kind of wish I was training at this firm, tbh, sounds like a happening place.



Serious fact checking needed in both this article and the blog it’s based on.


Tommy's putrefied grandma

Quality pinch from ROF there, Tommy.

Nanna’s proud of ya.



Insider info from Finsbury Circus

Pretty typical day at SH to be honest.

Shame the article doesn’t also mention that the trainee then had to get on his knees in the middle of Wan Chai and swallow every last drop the injured partner gave him.

Savage stuff.


SH Trainee

Top bants mate, the whole floor here in London was laughing.



Was it a ‘top partner’ that was punched? Or maybe a ‘top punch’ at the partner?



This is a top comment about the top aspects of this top article featured on the internet’s top legal gossip website.



But did you manage to bag a TC at such a top firm, wannabe lawyer?



Only if he/she/neutral is a hotshot



“Top” hotshot…


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Leonidas, Esq. of Sparta LLP

Hahaha, chippy turd – what did you expect?

BigLaw is only for the strong, tall, buff and perfect. No place for the likes of you, I’m afraid.



So Legal Cheek you delete a post a disabled grad writes about a negative experience at SH and yet you leave a reply to it where some idiot, perhaps in an attempt to be funny, says that law firms are no place for disabled people – can I just ask, what the fuck?



Soz brah, it was all just banta!


Little Alex

Hello mysterious comment, nice of you to appear again.



Wahooooy! Top bants!

Lad rating 99/10.



Alex/Thomas – why delete the comment from the disabled applicant to SH setting out their negative experience of interviewing at this firm?

What are the exact grounds for deleting that statement? Please enlighten us.


A Reader



SH’s HR are combing through the comments and reporting things like that. LC, fearful of losing sponsorship revenue, quickly complies.


True stuff

Alex’s sack dutifully shrivels up whenever the sponsors rattle the cage. Pathetic, really.



There’s something really distasteful about airbrushing the experience of the disabled out of the comments section. Shame on you LC.


Chazza from Tudor Street

Oh, that’s just little Alex soiling his knickers whenever there’s any bad word spoken against the ‘sponsors’ who pay their pittance to this blog.

It’s funny, since whenever a firm gets lashed in the comments like the infamous JonesDay, those are wholly untouched. I wonder why that is…


Boxer Lawyer Legend

Floyd Mayweather is a counter-puncher. Unless the other guy threw one first, the comparison is irrelevant.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Corporal Cocks

This firm looks like the right fit for me, I better apply for a TC this year.

Tally ho!



Chat shit get banged



I actually really enjoyed the Rocky pun.


Insider info & salacious gossip

If this were to happen at JonesDay, the partner would end up being fisted with an oversized 15th century steel gauntlet, to the loud cheering and clapping of the rest of the participants.

You don’t know half of what goes at at Tudor Street…


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