Lawyers jump to Amal Clooney’s defence after she’s ripped to shreds by national press

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Barristers: 1, “Well-known human rights experts” at the Daily Mail: 0


Lawyers have come out fighting against the “well-known human rights experts” over at the Daily Mail, after a notoriously opinionated journalist turned on one of their own and described Amal Clooney as “Kim Kardashian with a law degree”.

Jan Moir pulled no punches when she penned the scathing opinion piece, titled “God save us all from Amal Clooney the attention-seeker!”

The mean-spirited article begins by calling out the Doughty Street barrister for breaking “the golden rule of red carpet etiquette” — upstaging Julia Roberts and other Hollywood stars at this year’s Cannes film festival. Moir accused the “hair-tossing, cheek-sucking barrister” of stealing all the attention, seemingly because her dress “refused to behave”, and blew up in the wind revealing “every inch of her flamingo legs”. Moir asks:

Who on earth could compete with this knicker-flashing fiesta?

Though Clooney’s gown is — in Moir’s words – “an eye-popping, lemon meringue pie of a dress”, by a strange coincidence the Daily Mail article also features a ‘femail fashion finder’ ad offering readers cheaper, high street alternatives that emulate the lawyer’s “stylish”, “belle of the ball” look.


But Moir’s criticisms of Clooney do not begin and end with her Cannes attire. The newspaper columnist makes constant jibes at the human rights specialist’s appearance throughout the article, calling the Oxford graduate — who was previously named the “hottest woman barrister in London” — “knock-kneed” and an over-dresser.

For the tabloid newspaper’s loyal commenters, Moir’s opinion of the former commercial solicitor hits the nail on the head. The top-rated comment on the article reads “Spot on, Jan. Well said!!”, while another says “Amal is beyond irritating and not the least bit attractive.”

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the legal profession is less than impressed by the hate piece.

Some have taken issue with the article’s sexist undertones.

Fellow Doughty Street barrister Caoilfhionn Gallagher was quick to point out that Moir is a former winner of the highly acclaimed “bigot of the year” award:

Others have poked fun at the article’s sketchy grasp of the English legal system, pulling out this hilarious line:

[Clooney] works for the right-on, Left-wing Doughty Chambers in London, a set of self-regarding high-achievers who like to call themselves human rights lawyers, but surely all law is human rights?

That’s not the case, as any first year law student will tell you — as has human rights lawyer (and notorious Daily Mail antagonist) Shoaib Khan:


Feminist logic

Amal is criticised. It must mean that all women are hated, surely.



Playing the race card again? “Bigotry” has nothing to do with Amal’s constant behavior.



She’s an embarrassment.



Who are you to sneer, and call her an embarrassment?



The Daily Mail was actually correct in its assessment of Mrs Clooney’s red carpet etiquette.



Upstaging hollywood AND has a brain?! Sounds like reason to raise a glass!



Under estimating the the public’s intelligence.
People have grown weary of Amal’s attention seeking, skirts up to there and her crotch shots.
And her legal skills are nothing to brag about.



Please tell us more about her legal skills since you’re so well-informed.



Jealousy kills the cat. To all of u so jealous of her get half of where she got and then lets talk !!!’


Corbyn. Sympathiser.

No it wasn’t.



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What a joke this article is.

Amal Clooney is an attention seeking junior barrister from a wealthy family. Since she married an A Lister she now fronts high profile cases for other lawyers in between her holidays and celebrity events.

The media then dutifully report these cases as being Amal’s alone, the profile is raised, but the actual legal work is done by others.

By criticising her in any way is obviously however a gender issue, and obvious mysogeny even though the criticism came from another woman.



I think my phone’s autocorrect had a meltdown there! Now I must leave in ignominy 🙁



And it’s also the truth just speak with a few of her colleagues at chambers…



Just let you know idiots she’s a barrister,

Even before she got married to clooney she was earning lots of money barristers earn 100-200k a year maybe more so saying she was already millionaire plus that without being famous, plus you jealous people need to get grip






How have daily mail commenters found legal cheek?



Well, Katie managed to find the Daily Mail first



I don’t give a damn what she wears in Cannes, as long as she dresses suitably for court.



As long as she wears heels



I’m not losing much sleep over what she wears to court.



What do you care what she wears to court?



Nobody should care what Jan Moir thinks. She’s made a career out of spewing bile. This is just another nausesting ‘opinion piece’. Add it to the pile alongside Gateley, Vos, and Jenkins



Where is Not Amused?

The DM is quite well known for use female columnists to perpetuate the notion that women ought to be better off with kids and a family. Also that past the age of 50 exist no longer.


Not Amused

Piss off and leave me in peace.



This must be a fake NA – the post is far too short.



Ms Clooney is indeed something of a joke in the legal fraternity.

When was the last time this clothes horse actually appeared in court…?



Wow, an insider opinion! Tell us more!



I sometimes marvel at how the legal profession can be simultaneously very clever and very stupid.

Amal Clooney is now a red carpet attendee. She (partly) inhabits a world of premieres, film festivals, charity fundraisers, awards nights, film PR events, and all the rest of the stuff that movie A-listers and their spouses do. Members of that world know the rules, one of which is that they get gossiped and bitched about. It comes with the territory of fame and exposure.

How can anyone sensible take to Twitter to denounce a sleb bitching article? It doesn’t mean anything. It’s not a manifesto or a political tract. It’s just an inevitable product of an industry whose purpose is to vie for as much attention as possible.

I’m damn sure Mrs Clooney couldn’t care less. She’s too smart.



No. She hasn’t proved to be exceptionally smart. But she has proved to be desperate.



What does she have to do to prove to you that she’s smart?



Lead a case ; and win one.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



All you haters, why in heaven’s name don’t you leave her the hell alone? She bothers no one and the fact that she looks damm good on the red carpet seems to offend. It’s not her fault she has legs that goes up to her neck and neither is it her fault that she is smart and beautiful. That’s a gift from God. Find something intellectual to write about. Global warming, or something to benefit the majority.



Not sure that she’s that smart.

But I’m very sure that she is not ‘beautiful’…unless you think Wayne Rooney is handsome.



He’s dead lush actually, and he’s gonna win England the euros.



Jealousy is truly an awful trait. I wish we could see what you look like.



This should be about me.



While she may be knock knees, may I point out that George is pigeon toes? Maybe they’re a good match. 😉


Stacey Sipe

Shame on you Jan at the “Daily Mail” Jealous are you!!! I am sure George wanted her right there. You are obviously so envious!!!! Wow! Amal is a confident, beautiful, intelligent human being who happens to be comfortable in her own skin and style. It’s called CONFIDENCE. So he happen to meet and marry an actor and will be attending major events (probably not her favorite thing anyway) great for her!!!! Obviously Jan you are so envious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stacey Sipe

Ooop…I met “She”



Yes the sexism is bad.

But surely we should be able to call out the fact that she is fetishised a bit as a lawyer? Her credentials and her achievements are not that impressive compared to the rest of the bar – and there has been a recent spike in her business since Clooney which may not wholly be unrelated to that ?



No kidding. Just look up what Edward Faulks said about her.


Danger Mouser Chief Agitator & Rabble Rouser

I don’t care about any of this but regardless, it seems problematic to me from a client point of view to have a representative that would be so heavily under public scrutiny: let alone the fact said barrister appears to like and court the attention in question.

Maybe it’ll attract a certain type of client who’ll get focus to their cause by association but that in itself doesn’t seem a very noble space for the law to occupy to me, and certainly not for those who serve it. She must be on some kind of limited ranking system too because no way will any poor sod that gets her be able to avoid the accompanying drama she brings. All in all, all a bit unseemly for someone at the bar imo.



I’ve been watching the Amal and George Story since the pilot run, and boy, what a character is Amal. While I have to agree that Jan Moir article is really boitchy, FGS no one can deny anymore that Amal looks for the cameras everywhere, has done pap walks, and has courted celebrity like a crazed exhibitionist. At Cannes her behaviour was outrageous and truly crossed the line into aggressive rudeness, and she seemed quite unaware of herself. I’ve watched the video footage of the premiere and I’m 200% sure Jack O’Connell and Dominic West gave her a few side eyes and Jodie Foster was basically telling her to step out of the cast call photo by throwing her a few pointed glances. George needs to coach Amal so she can stop embarrassing herself. What a bizarre show.



To be fair, Doughty Street is bang average these days.



Personnaly I think she looks gorgeous!



Not gorgeous. Hard featured and masculine.
But plastic surgery, make up artists, hair stylists, dress designers and extensive photo shop will make you at least appear to be.


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