Lawyers try their hand at law-themed poetry, with hilarious results

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#barristerpoetry brings light-hearted fun to steely profession


A witty hashtag thought up by a top employment law barrister has prompted a flurry of law-themed poetry to sweep the Twitterverse.

And who said lawyers have no sense of humour?

11KBW barrister Sean Jones QC began spontaneously tweeting using the #barristerpoetry hashtag yesterday morning. After a slow start, other lawyers caught on and began to offer up their own snippets of creativity, and we think they’re great.

Here are some of Legal Cheek’s favourites.

There was some Shakespeare.

Even William Wordsworth was given the legal treatment…

So did Robert Frost.

The row about trigger warnings in law lectures got a mention.

So too did Graeme Stening, the Waterloo rush hour sex lawyer.

As did the Mr Justice Smith lost luggage fiasco.

Keep them coming!