Morning round-up

Morning round-up: Thursday 19 May

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


“This is my son”: Devastated mother breaks down in court as judge “condemns to death” their brain-damaged two-year-old by ruling he can only be given end-of-life care [Mail Online]

Trump releases list of 11 judges he’d consider nominating to Supreme Court [Washington Post]

Keir Starmer: The Conservatives need to accept the Human Rights Act, and move on [The Guardian]

British Bill of Rights commitment in Queen’s speech derided for being near identical to last one [Huffington Post]

A top criminal lawyer’s guide to cocaine [The Spectator]

Why a new toilet law could flush cafes and takeaways down the pan [The Guardian]

Britain’s top revenge porn lawyer says women can earn £100,000 by taking their tormentor to court [The Mirror]

Mental health — is the bar doing enough to protect barristers? [Future of Law Blog]

European Court of Human Rights grants Amanda Knox appeal over claim police “slapped her in custody” [The Telegraph]

O.J’s defence lawyer reveals what he whispered to him when he was acquitted [UniLad]

Henderson Chambers is seeking third six pupils [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Remember remember the the slug and the beer. The damages claimed and sought. There is no reason why the test of causation should ever… oh, I forgot!” [Legal Cheek comments]