4 types of ‘I’ve finished my law exams’ celebration

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By Katie King on

One person bought themselves a car

After a long (long, long) exam season, slowly but surely law students across the country are beginning to finish up for the summer.

A pat on the back, a good night’s sleep and a glass of champagne is due, but at Legal Cheek we spied that a few of you were taking post exam celebrations to the next level. After a good trawl of the internet and a call out on Snapchat and Instagram, we’ve found some common themes, and decided to put together a helpful list of the different ways you guys are celebrating your freedom this summer.


1. The gain a dress size celebration

Food featured heavily in our definitive scour.

As did alcohol.

2. The back to reality celebration

After six weeks of not leaving the house, eating pot noodles, and crying into a tort law book, for some the simplest things in life are the things you miss the most.

Just being able to watch a TV programme without the ‘you should be revising’ raincloud hanging over your head is a reason to celebrate in itself.

Responses from Instagram include “four weeks of sleep and watching Netflix” and “sleeeeep”.


3. The non celebration

For some, just because law exams are finished doesn’t mean it’s time to relax.

Instead of hitting the town or doing something else remotely fun, why not celebrate finishing the academic year in real style by not celebrating at all? That’s what two of our Snapchat friends are up to: one is starting an internship, another is getting their training contract application game on.



4. The ‘I’m definitely going to get a TC with these results so I might as well blow my NQ salary now’ celebration

The favourite law exam celebrations we found are the most extravagant.

Living up to the flashy lawyer stereotype, one Twitter user is planning on buying a pair of Gucci shoes (a perfectly reasonable post-land law exam splash out).

Holidays were a pretty common theme too.

One Snapchatter told us she was “going on holiday for a month next week… Have to keep August free for any resits just in case”, while another said “flying to the states for three months”.

Another actually said that they had bought themselves a car!