EU referendum debate bingo: Lawyer edition

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Take a break from listening to BoJo and play some bingo instead


Tonight is the night you’ve all been waiting for: the big EU referendum debate at Wembley arena.

With a star-studded panel of Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson, and *cough* some other people, ‘The Great Debate’ promises two hours of thrilling television.

But if you find yourself dozing off during that inevitable boring, technical bit about the economy, we have something to keep you amused.

At Legal Cheek, we have devised the ultimate Great Debate boredom-killer: a law-themed bingo board.

The rules are simple. If, at anytime during the two hour debate, one of the law-themed commands in one of the eight boxes happens, you tick it off.

If, by 10pm, you have a tick in all eight of the boxes, then tweet @legalcheek with the word ‘BINGO’ to let us know.

Happy playing.