Law Society has written a guide for lawyers about what a selfie is and how to take one

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It even features an example from someone called Christopher


The Law Society has posted an explanatory article on its website about how to take a selfie.

From today, the Law Society is asking its members to tweet selfies of themselves in support of LGBT pride, using the hashtag #lawwithnofilter. The campaign will run until 25 June, the day of the Pride in London Parade.

A number of lawyers have already got stuck in.

And while it’s no doubt a good cause, we couldn’t help but have a little chuckle when we spotted the Law Society’s explanatory guide about the campaign, particularly the section headed “Tweet your selfie”.


In it, the Law Society spells out exactly what a selfie actually is, and then features instructions on how to take one for the purposes of the campaign.

The article also features an example of a selfie, in the form of a photo of someone called Christopher.


This isn’t the first time this year the legal profession has proved that it’s not exactly down with the kids. In April, a judge from Plymouth halted the trial of three defendants accused of selling counterfeit One Direction merchandise because he had no idea who the famous boy band were. He reportedly told the court “I am more of a Bach man myself.”