Meet the second year Westminster law student who’s rubbing shoulders with David Beckham and the cast of Made in Chelsea

But Chelsie Angeles “prioritises” magic circle dreams over vlogging stardom


A University of Westminster second year has shown that enrolling on the LLB doesn’t just mean consigning yourself to three years of Red Bull, late nights, and crying because you don’t know what consideration is.

Social media star Chelsie Angeles is living proof you can actually do some pretty amazing stuff alongside what is a notoriously demanding degree.

In the last few years, the amateur lifestyle blogger and aspiring lawyer has rubbed shoulders with the stars, has collabed with famous YouTuber Justin Escalona, has gained over 68,000 Twitter followers, and, to top it off, she’s paid for her videos and blog posts.

It’s an enviable lifestyle, one that Angeles (not her real surname) has been living since she began making YouTube videos in April 2013. In that time, the second year — who describes herself as a “singer/songwriter, blogger and environmentalist” — has racked up 3,300 subscribers on her channel, and a hefty 26,000 views and counting on her most popular video.

These view counts really do matter, and not just for vanity. The vlogger is paid for every video she posts, and more views means more money. Last month Angeles gained around 40,000 views, which roughly translates to £400. It’s hardly magic circle salary, but, as she says, “definitely nice pocket money”.

These online money making ventures are big business, and with her social media following growing day by day, you’d think Angeles would be tempted to sack in the law degree and pursue vlogging fulltime.

But that’s not the lifestyle to which she aspires. Although Angeles says she’d love her channel to “be more successful and to continue to grow”, her sights are set on City domination. She told us:

My career aspiration regarding law is to become a barrister at a magic circle firm.

A fiercely competitive industry, so does Angeles thinking vlogging will help or hinder her career goals? She thinks it’s positive all round:

I do think that blogging and vlogging can help you with any career, especially law. It gives you more confidence, better communication skills, it allows you to have full creative freedom and when studying a rather heavy subject like law an outlet like YouTube is amazing and so beneficial.

And perhaps the most beneficial aspect of it all is the amazing experiences Angeles — who’s also a brand ambassador for eco friendly clothing company ‘Planet First Clothing’ — has had on the back of her social media stardom.

The student, who tells her followers to “Dream. Believe. Achieve.” has been interviewed for the BBC and for Sky, and at the latter she managed to bump into a very famous footballer. She told a very jealous Legal Cheek:

I was invited to look round the Sky studios on the outskirts of London, it was during my time there that I met David Beckham. He was starring in a video for Sky and I was asked if I wanted to be in it too. Which I said yes to obviously.

She’s also rubbed shoulders with the cast members of Made in Chelsea and former London mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith.

It’s an enviable lifestyle to lead — especially given the remuneration — but as fun as filming yourself waiting for food in Nandos or singing Christmas songs sounds, Angeles is clear: the law degree comes first. She continued:

I’m very big on prioritisation. My studies are the most important thing to me. I will always put it first so YouTube hasn’t negatively impacted my studies. However my next priority is YouTube so I have sacrificed going out with friends or going to the gym to get videos done.

Given the success of the ‘Chelsie Angeles brand’, we were pretty surprised when the aspiring lawyer told Legal Cheek that maintaining her social media sites “doesn’t take up much of [her] time”, about 10 hours a week.

Only 10 hours a week to generate the incredible benefits she gains from the venture (*cough* David Beckham), that’s great prioritisation.



“My career aspiration regarding law is to become a barrister at a magic circle firm.”

Alrighty, then.


I was wondering how long it would take for the jealous bullying to start. Internet trolling to make yourself feel better. You started things off just as I expected. Kudos.

LC needs to think this through because this is the fifth such article I have read this year and the comments are always pathetic and predictable.


Tyrion, I think you missed the point. It’s factually incorrect. Magic circle firms are made up of solicitors, not barristers. So which is it? Does she want to work at a magic circle firm or be a barrister? Hardly bullying.

unpopular opinion puffin

Actually, it’s not all that uncommon for barristers to work within firms at all. Access to in-house advocacy can be an invaluable tool and clients can have the benefit of advice on trial strategy from the outset of a matter.

That said, I’m pretty sure she’s not considering this tiny subset when she’s filming her cheeky bants in the queue at Nandos.

unpopular opinion puffin

I’m not popular opinion puffin.

That’s my evil twin.


Shock horror but some magic circle firms employ in house barristers


Stop being a bunch of idiots. She made a factually incorrect statement. Barrister at a magic circle firm? WRONG. Yes you can go inhouse after doing your Pupillage but not off the cuff. I know this having worked in one and now going to do my Pupillage. Barrister at a magic circle firm??? Herbert SF maybe…..but not directly ffs.


I know an in-house counsel at a MC firm, and he’s relatively junior. Also she was talking about career aspirations, ie her long term goals. She wasn’t talking about jumping straight into the MC role. Work on your reading comprehension mate before you start your pupillage.

You numpty

Really dumb one that though. She must have really advanced career insight to come off with that comment. So on balance – no thank you – stupid incorrect statement. Don’t become a lawyer and take people literally. Read the facts.

You numpty

Would be better if she said “to be a barrister at a MC firm”. Not become one with “city domination”.


So there are no employed barristers at magic circle law firms? Or other city firms? Just google it and see.

I think the point was to highlight a supposed error to make fun of the young student in the article.


To be fair there are some barristers at magic circle firms. There are like 3 at mine I think. Seems like an oddly specific and unlikely thing to aspire to… Ignorance probably more likely.


If making 400 quid in a month and “rubbing shoulders” with cretins makes for an enviable lifestyle, then this country is done for.


Exactly my thought! Whilst you can get inhouse barristers… Perhaps she should have reworded her comment….

Another pointless article by LC…..


Didn’t even have to look to see which LC staffer wrote this dribble.


I hadn’t thought of that, but a quick scroll back up confirmed the person to whom I thought you were probably referring.


Surely like most City firms it is perfectly possible to be “of Counsel” in the MC? Soooo factually her aspirations are possible.


“Of Counsel” is also a solicitor position. *facepalm*

Dublin BL

Unless of course you are Lord Harley. In which case of Counsel is the role of a solicitor advocate who has an interest in Giraffes, Locomotives and Justice.


Making £400 a month and once coincidentally met David Beckham?

I agree with the author that this person is clearly mad not to give up on her career prospects. If she really put the effort in she could be making £750 a month and meeting Alan Shearer in the supermarket!


I just applied to the Fire Brigade for a job as a police horse!


“Barrister at a magic circle firm” – yeah maybe she should stop “rubbing shoulders with celebs” and learn how the legal industry is structured first. How embarrassing lol. Who is the moron that wrote this ill conceived article?


It’s Westminster University, so I suppose it’s an improvement to rubbing shoulder with Jihadi John and Anwar al-Awlaki.


Either you’re jealous to that Chelsie Angeles met Beckham or you’re just stupid.


I’d hardly say an LLB at Westminster is “notoriously demanding”. No wonder she has plenty of time on her hands to do these videos.


I’m sorry. Could someone please clear this up. Is it actually possible to be a barrister working in a solicitors firm or not? I thought barristers work only in chambers?

I have never heard of this before.


Barristers = Chambers.
Solicitors = Firms.

Yes, some solicitors and barristers work ‘in house’. Generally the barristers you see in solciitor’s firms are senior members of the profession who have moved over.

The reason everyone is mocking the statement is because when you start as a barrister it is always in chambers (okay, or the CPS, whatever). If we give this young woman the benefit of the doubt, she was saying that one day she wants to be a senior barrister who works in a firm thereby getting the benefits of the monthly salary and so on etc.

The PROBLEM is, most people don’t think she was being that clever – she studies at a university most people make fun of (because it’s not very good) and the WAY the sentence was phrased gives the impression that she has confused the two. Nevermind the fact that I’ve certainly never heard anyone say that their life ambition, as a barrister, is then to go work in a solicitor’s firm. It implies that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


I’m sure this is what she meant. It’s a shame everyone started to mock her, rather than see what she was actually saying.

Phap mi, phap ye

Oh I bet Beckers is giving this tasty little thing the sausage…

*unzips pants*

Phap yea

Baby you’ve got no idea… Now hush and come sit on my rod.


why would someone like david beckham go for an average girl like her


Stop the quibbling over whether she could be a barrister in a mc firm. With a degree from Westminster she’d never do either!


I studied at a decent Redbrick so no vested interest. There is a barrister at Quadrant Chambers from Westminster. There is also a top barrister at Keating from Kingston. I’ve worked at City firms with Westminster grads.

I think if you want it you can get it. Of course you have to be different from the majority on your course but it is possible. I’m tired of 22 year olds thinking they know what adults want from future employees and also who clients want to give instructions to.

Boh Dear

“she’s paid for her videos and blog posts.”

You only stopped to think if you could use an apostrophe, you never stopped to think if you should.


Puh-lease guys, her role model is obviously Hugo from MIC’s dad.

Spelling nazi

If she is called to the Bar she’ll be the first one called ‘Chelsie’. Such name abuse needs to get in the sea…


Sorry but this student is silly to think she has a shot becoming a barrister let alone working in the Magic Circle with an LLB from Westminster. An Oxbridge and Russell Group Law degree is so much more demanding and respected. Aspiring lawyers really need to do their research on university choices for a law career… Here’s a tip: Oxbridge or Russell Group unis. These sub par non Russell Group universities law schools also need to stop giving their students false ideas that they can get into top city silver circle and magic circle firms. They don’t stand a chance as opposed to Oxbridge and Russell Group grads…


Whilst anecdotal, I have a friend who studied at the University of Salford who is soon to become an NQ at Slaughters. Difficult, but not impossible.

Dem campfire stories

Yeah, same here brah, I’ve got two mates, Bazza and Jono, both did their LLBs at the University of East London, bagged a solid 2.2 and they’ve just been both made up as partners at Latham.

All that after just four years PQE, and I ain’t talking some salaried partner crap, I mean full equity baby, big dick equity partnahs.

It ain’t difficult son, it’s real life. Real life delusions I mean.


Google University of Salford, Slaughter and May, and Linkedin.

Corbyn's bearded scrotum

Heh, dat dere anecdotal evidence. You moron.


I know someone who was an Associate (Barrister) at a magic circle firm in their late 20s/early 30s… it’s all possible…


This post has been removed because it breaches Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Her face is asymmetrical. One eye looks much lower than the other. I suppose that could be useful for looking at the judge and jury at the same time – in the unlikely event she becomes a circle magic barrister.


You can definitely be a barrister in a law firm and you don’t have to be particularly well established to do so. You can also make partner in a decent City firm with a degree from Westminster.


SO funny how Legal Cheek spend their time with people like this who say stupid stuff like “My career aspiration regarding law is to become a barrister at a magic circle firm.”

Put your ‘journalistic’ experience to good use please


Meanwhile in the real world people are becoming barristers in law firms… Hell, I’ve never even worn a wig!


I’m confused to why this is even an article… There’s plenty of students in my class who want to be barristers in magic circle firms whilst having achievements in other areas of life (including youtube subs).

Corbyn's bearded scrotum

Let me guess, you’re an LLB student at BPP, amirite?

#dreambig #gonnabealawyersoon #bpplawskool


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