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Trainee City lawyer shares his top TC ‘shocks’

From the perks to the people, lawfluencer Ali Obeid gives followers the down-low

Apr 11 2023 9:21am

Sidley lawyer analyses Succession’s billion-dollar business deals

Video clip featuring partner Holly Gregory resurfaces as season four hits TV screens

Mar 29 2023 9:11am

RPC and Taylor Wessing employees win award for alien invasion music video

Meet the duo repping City law in music

Jun 27 2022 9:22am

Britain’s top legal education YouTuber to deliver keynote at LegalEdCon 2022

Ibz Mo to deliver fresh takes on legal education and training at 12 May in-person event

May 4 2022 10:14am

The 10 best legal social media users of 2022

Meet the top lawfluencers who inspired and entertained us over the past 12 months

Feb 9 2022 10:16am

LawTuber gives snapshot of life as a magic circle trainee

Vlogger Liam Porritt gives insights into his training contract one year in -- including why the dispute resolution department is the most 'Suits-esque' in nature

Jan 7 2022 11:17am

Legal YouTuber reveals what magic circle trainees really do in a day

From cold showers and coffee runs to client calls and drafting deals

Sep 8 2021 9:23am

Meet the vlogging magic circle trainee sharing ‘productivity hacks’ with his 85,000 fans

Liam Porritt's YouTube videos have racked up over 5 million views

Apr 13 2021 9:12am

Vlogging criminal lawyer gives case law the rocker treatment

Leather biker jacket ✅ 80s heavy metal band t-shirt ✅ Rock'n'roll haircut ✅

Mar 22 2021 9:21am

The 12 best legal social media users of 2021

Meet the influencers that kept us entertained and educated over the past 12 months

Feb 24 2021 2:08pm

Litigation law firm drops Hamilton-inspired BigLaw diss track

'Cut your own path it’s ok to be defiant... BigLaw is big, but for change we need giants' 🎶

Feb 11 2021 12:30pm

Judges star in COVID-inspired Hamilton music video

'We'll be back, time will tell, you'll remember that we serve you well' 🎶

Nov 20 2020 8:45am

US lawyer takes on coronavirus in action-filled YouTube ad

The Texas Law Hawk is back

Sep 30 2020 10:38am

Vlogging future City trainee solicitor reflects on magic circle vac scheme rejection

Ali Obeid has since secured a TC with a top US law firm

Jul 3 2020 9:12am

Vlogging magic circle trainee Eve Cornwell takes on Mike Ross in Suits mock trial

She gives herself only five minutes to construct a legal argument

May 12 2020 10:19am

Vlogging magic circle trainee reflects on life in lockdown

‘I’ve lost freedom, structure and purpose’

Mar 31 2020 9:35am