Most followed barrister on Instagram awarded an MBE

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Yet another accolade for Doughty Street Chambers’ finest


The most followed barrister on Instagram has been awarded an MBE for his “services to the community and disadvantaged young people”.

Tunde Okewale — who himself grew up on a council estate in Hackney — has been recognised for his involvement in a number of social mobility initiatives during his short but impressive career.

He is a trustee for the Boyhood to Manhood Foundation and a patron for the Hackney Community Law Centre. He set up his own social enterprise Urban Lawyers in 2009, to make the law “more accessible to marginalised groups in society”.

Okewale has managed all this while working alongside Amal Clooney at hip human rights set Doughty Street Chambers.

But the achievements don’t stop there: the 32-year-old criminal lawyer is also the most followed barrister on Instagram, and reached the pinnacle of cool in 2014 when he secured a spot in GQ magazine’s cool list.

An already impressive CV, to which Okewale can now add his new MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order) title. The Nigerian-born lawyer was mentioned in the Queen’s birthday honours list over the weekend, alongside the likes of singers Vera Lynn and Rod Stewart.

And what better place for Okewale to break the exciting news than on his famous Instagram account?

🙏🏿 Honoured, Humbled and Happy!💥

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The crime specialist has been greeted with messages of support and congratulations on social media, and says he is “happy”, “honoured” and “humbled” by the good news.



Are you joking? Still offering that unpaid “internship” Tunde?



What’s this unpaid internship that keeps being mentioned?



Proof that you can go far with a 2.2. #inspiration



Heh, thanks for the porkie.

Get back to me once there’s many such ‘successful’ 2.2 degree holders, ye?



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Idi Amin

Hi Tunde, r we feeling blessed enough today?

Quick, don’t forget to post another pic b4 the lunch break is up, your followers cannot wait!



MBE – isn’t that the one given to dinner ladies?



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Censorship Cheek

Interesting. There was absolutely nothing offensive about this post yet it was still deleted.


Jokes all round

I know right – he just said Little Tunde’s head looks like a ballsack.

Pretty innocent (and surprisingly true) if you ask me.


Quo Vadis




WT actual F?



I’m a law student and have twice more followers…


James Morgan

Bitch where? The fact the you’re anonymous only further supports your BS!

Instead of you to support a fellow law student you want to throw shade



Any evidence he actually acted in any cases alongside Amal Clooney, or is this once again another opportunity to bring her name up in a completely irrelevant context in attempt to sex-up the story? Remember that barristers at Doughty Street are self-employed so there is no obligation to work in a team with other barristers at the set.



Why y’all mad though?



Member of the most excellent order of the BRITISH EMPIRE!!!

Should not have accepted that!


Do you even lift brah

If anyone wants to have a good laugh, drop by the Fitness First at Paternoster Square off St. Paul’s, that’s where this overhyped muppet pretends to work out.

Most of the time, he just loiters around either talking on his phone or taking selfies in the locker room.

Can’t squat, deadlift or bench for sh*t, total beta.


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John Bonham

Why the hate and the ridiculous comments? Tunde has done incredibly well and the MBE is well deserved. I wonder what chambers or firm you haters are attached to? Maybe the chambers of DSS job seekers allowance!!!



Ok, thanks for this.


Lord Lyle

Just googled Instagram. Looks like it’s for teenagers.
I had a three tier security apparatus to keep my “followers” away so that I could get some work done.

I had, security guards , body guards , no direct telephone access. The followers were like lemmings on psychotropic substances. I had a six female body guard like Gaddafi just enter and leave the office, with the heavy boys at tactical positions incognito.

Sounds like Tunde doesn’t do any actual work


Lord Lyle

And an MBE? This would just attract more followers and require me to hire more security.


Lord Harley MBE

Welcome to the club Tunde!


Lord Harley BBC

Oh look Tunde, even my dong is the same as yours! We’re literally brothers now!






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