School girl’s relationship contract to prevent boyfriend talking to ‘hoes’ goes viral

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By Thomas Connelly on

A fruitful career in contract law awaits unnamed eighth grader


A school girl’s incredible “relationship contract” preventing her boyfriend from talking to “hoes” has gone viral on Twitter.

The unnamed eighth grader — who will be roughly 14 — has embraced the world of contract law in order to keep her man in check. The terms and conditions, which according to Twitter user Max Linsky were discovered on a classroom floor, has amassed a whopping 8,121 retweets in just seven days.

The relationship T&Cs stipulate — among other things — that the unnamed boyfriend must not break the young lady’s “heart” or she will be forced to break his “face”.

One term contractually binds the offeree to provide the offeror with ample food and hugs. The young student has also drafted a number of terms relating to hoes, a derogatory term for women.

The boyfriend will be in breach of the contract if he “talks”, “hugs”, or even looks at hoes, however fist bumping is permitted. Remarkably, according to Linsky, the contract is signed. Poor bugger.

Legal Cheek can’t confirm the legitimacy of the image, but we love it nonetheless. We’re sure a prosperous future in contract law awaits the anonymous student.