Twitter revolts after lawyer tweets photo of the Queen and Prince Philip with caption ‘two candidates for anyone’s death list’

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A family lawyer has really felt the wrath of the legal Twitterati this morning, after he tweeted a photo suggesting that the Queen and Prince Philip are “two candidates for anyone’s death list”.

In a change from this morning’s usual #FridayFeeling tweets, non-practising solicitor and family law blogger John Bolch shocked everyone when he retweeted an amiable post from 1KBW barrister Philip Marshall QC.

But, instead of simply retweeting the birthday message, Bolch added this caption.

The early morning tweet has been met with revulsion from the online legal community.

But Bolch doesn’t seem to mind. The University of Reading graduate dismissed the remark as a bit of “black-humoured fun”, and called the intense reaction a “sense of humour failure“. He later tweeted:

Rather morbidly, Prince Philip does actually appear at number 16 of the UK’s official 2016 DeathList, alongside the likes of social activist Desmond Tutu, entertainer Bruce Forsyth, and physicist Stephen Hawking.