Law student who chopped off love rival lawyer’s PENIS with garden shears jailed

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Shear agony


A Tokyo law student has been jailed for four and half years after he chopped off the penis of a lawyer love rival using a pair of garden shears.

Ikki Kotsugai (pictured above), 25, from Minato, Tokyo, carried out the vicious attack on the unnamed lawyer back in August 2015.

According to the Tokyo Reporter, Kotsugai’s wife had told him that she was being forced to have sex with her boss, when in fact the affair was consensual.

Visibly upset by this revelation, the former boxer — who was studying at Keio University Law School — confronted the lawyer at his office last summer.

Having exchanged a few pleasantries, things appear to have escalated, and the aspiring lawyer proceeded to punch his wife’s boss several times, causing him to fall to the floor.

Shockingly, things then took a gruesome turn as Kotsugai unzipped the lawyer’s trousers and using a pair garden shears began cutting away at the base of his semi-conscious love rival’s penis. All the while, his wife watched on.

According to popular local news site Japan Crush, having severed the 42 year-old victim’s appendage, the law student then disposed of it down one of the office’s communal toilets.

Japan Crush
Japan Crush

Sentencing Kotsugai to four and a half years in jail, judge Kazunori Karei branded the attack as “extremely dangerous and vicious”. Astonishingly, despite reports stating the lawyer has now “lost his reproductive function”, he has since apologised Kotsugai for the affair.



Well, the wife won’t be doing that again.


Corbyn. Sympathiser.

Sounds like he took it on the chin.



Capitalising the word penis makes this sound extra tabloid-y. That’s not a compliment, btw.


Sheer relevance

Thanks for keeping up with legal news in the world Tommy.

It’s not like we want to read about another salary raise anyway.



I was given the choice of a TC at plexus or a penis amputation. You can guess what I decided.



I love this comment – excellent!!! Haha.

Mind you, both options sound like the same thing – you’d never be in a position to use it again in either situation.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Charlotte Proudman

All men should have this done to them at birth, so that they can experience the daily degrading experience of being a woman.



So why do lesbian feminists like you darling Charlotte regularly “strap something on” if the shape of the male appendage is so useless?


Charlotte's best bud

Because strap ons are more reliable?


Disgusting of Tonbridge Swells

This person should be given a job with the CPS “RASSO Unit” when released.

Has the right “can-do” attitude to such work, methinks!


Tojo Kamikaze

It war no velly big penis!


Big Bugger

PENIS is an amusing word! Lol!






There was a young cuckold called Ikki
Who caught his wife with a hickie
So he cut off his willy
Put in a box for his fillie
And said to her, ‘now, don’t be silly’


Lord Ryu of Naoshige

Under Japanese pre-Mejj criminal code, both adulterous wife and boss would be beheaded.
See Hagakure.


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