Meet the junior barrister dating underwear hunk David Gandy

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Family law specialist Stephanie Mendoros does an Amal


A rookie barrister has thrilled fans of Marks & Spencer’s underwear by snagging the star of its ad campaign.

Stephanie Mendoros, a junior family law and crime specialist at London’s Staple Inn Chambers, apparently began dating David Gandy in May. But now The Sun is reporting that it has got serious between the pair after they “went public” at an art exhibition in London over the weekend. Pictures of the couple also appeared on social media.

Mendoros was called to the bar in 2008 having completed the Bar Professional Training Course at BPP Law School. She then did a spell as a prosecutor at the London Probation Trust before obtaining pupillage at Staple Inn in 2014.

Just like Doughty Street’s Amal Clooney, the junior tenant is keeping a dignified silence about her other half. Indeed, so low key is she that her chambers profile doesn’t even have a photo.

But already hooking up with a celebrity is working wonders for Mendoros’ career, with The Sun labelling her “a top barrister” despite the fact that the rookie only began practising as a tenant last year.



Stunning picture.



Jesus, LC – are you getting your second hand news from the Sun now? This appeared in the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame (TM) about 4 weeks ago and it was old news then.

I’d like to see more lists please! Here’s some ideas

1. Top lawyers with surnames that rhyme with Peach
2. Top law students practice the ukulele on snapchat



Shouldn’t use the sun but should use the daily mail?



“Rookie”… how patronising! She’s a big woman you know! Got called in 2008! Put some respect on her name!



I think she’s only been a tenant for a year?



This is fucking odious Alex, honestly, what the shit?


Come out of the closet son

Alex secretly adores Mr Gandy, it’s not his fault you know!



Omg zomg what a gorg couple I’m so happy for them #lawyersinlove



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


Top Bants

Tippetty toppety tip tip top.



So was Staple Inn Chambers not a “top” Chambers for LC then? I suppose even LC has to draw the line somewhere.


Hugh Brain

Has Stephanie met her intellectual equal…?



Shame on you legal cheek (no one in the legal world really cares about this / similar stories)! Is that clear enough? x


Sheikh Rahtul Ahnrol

Underwear is being my speciality!

Verygood price!



Yeah I know, I love the new line of underwear that Semtex are making. Utter dynamite.


Mr Reynholm

Damn these electric sex-pants!



I thought that said Stephanie Mendoros does anal – no wonder Gandy likes her



How does this remotely constitute as news worthy?

Why not write an article on Les Dawson because his first name starts with the letter ”L,” as does law.



Did legal cheek seriously criticise someone for wrongly using the term “top”?

Holy fucking shit you are shameless



That was a bit like Santa Claus criticising someone for being too Christmassy.



Peak Legal Cheek



She has the perfect chin for a beard.


Samantha Jones

Pathetic comparison. They are certainly no George & Amal Clooney.



Yikes. He’s aging in dog years.


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