Supreme Court churns out SIX judgments this week in prep for summer holidays

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By Katie King on

Legal affairs junkies — get your fix before August dry spell


The highest court in the country will be giving an uncharacteristically high number of judgments this week, freeing up the justices to soak up the sun for the rest of the summer.

Supreme Court rulings tend to be few and far between, but this week — the final week of the Trinity term — will see the country’s top judges decide six important legal cases, with five of those judgments given on Wednesday alone.

So what have we got coming up this week?

Well, the court will be handing down judgments in the cases of Lee-Hirons, Bailey, Hayward, Franco Vomero and Hastings Borough Council.

Eagle eyed law students might want to keep a particular lookout for the cases of Bailey and Hayward — both on contract law — and also Franco Vomero, which is about EU law.

Then, on Thursday, the court will be handing down judgment in The Christian Institute, a potentially very important case on a new public service scheme for looking after children in Scotland. A livestream of all these court sittings can be accessed on the Supreme Court’s website.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep them busy, the court will also be hearing the human rights case of Johnson today and tomorrow. Led by Lady Hale — who has been busy recently hanging out with newbie Bristol law grads — the court will consider whether the Human Rights Act can be applied retrospectively if the causative events in question have continuing effects.

A busy week all round then! Seems a summer holiday is much deserved.

The court will not sit again until 3 October.