Top London barristers’ clerk caught on camera referring to lawyers as ‘poxy little firm up North’

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By Thomas Connelly on

Michael Cross stars in new BBC ‘Swim the Channel’ documentary


A top London barristers’ clerk has been caught on camera referring to what appears to be a group of unnamed lawyers as a “poxy little firm up North.”

Michael Cross — who stars in a new BBC documentary ‘Swim the Channel’ — made the cheeky comment while he was a clerk at London criminal set 4 Breams Buildings.

The footage (embedded below), which aired on the Beeb on Monday evening, shows Cross at work speaking to what appears to be a barrister on his office phone.

Unfazed by the TV crew filming his every move, Essex-born Cross — who moved to 9 Bedford Row chambers in October 2014 — can be heard saying:

It’s for a poxy little firm up North, that you’re never going to work for again. So don’t worry about it.

A keen swimmer, Cross was being filmed as he prepared to swim from England to France for a fifth time after a five year hiatus.

Cross declined to comment. 4 Breams Buildings did not respond to Legal Cheek’s request for comment.

Watch the clip in full below:

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