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Top London chambers are STILL failing to pay living wage

Exclusive: New ads show sets continue to pinch pennies when it comes to support staff

Feb 21 2018 8:59am

Exclusive: Elite London commercial chambers fails to pay clerks living wage

XXIV Old Buildings one of a number of sets paying pittance to support staff

Jul 17 2017 9:59am

Top London barristers’ clerk caught on camera referring to lawyers as ‘poxy little firm up North’

Michael Cross stars in new BBC 'Swim the Channel' documentary

Jul 20 2016 9:12am

Hotties of the week: ‘Melting barrister’s clerk’ slams ‘boiling barrister’

This week has seen not only the return of the “Barrister Hottie Experts”, but a...

Jul 26 2013 9:31am

‘As Just A Normal Bloke I Couldn’t Imagine Myself Being Able To Make It Into This Exclusive Club’

Ed note: This is the fifth in a series of posts where leading members of...

Nov 23 2012 11:56am

What’s Going On At 36 Bedford Row?

News has reached us that several senior members of 36 Bedford Row’s clerking team are...

Oct 3 2012 9:00am

‘It’s More Likely To Be The QCs Getting Under Clerks Feet Than The Pupils’

Jeremy Hopkins, a clerk at a top commercial chambers, responds to last week’s controversial piece...

Feb 21 2012 11:03am

Bar Overplays The Independence Card

Gratuitous individuality threatens to hold chambers back at critical period for the legal market, writes...

Feb 2 2012 11:34am


Jeremy Hopkins, a practice manager at top commercial set 3 Verulam Buildings, and Benjamin Gray,...

Nov 18 2011 11:19am