ULaw offers GDL students the chance to upgrade to LLB for free

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New “Graduate LLB” will kick off next summer


The University of Law (ULaw) is offering its Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) students the option to upgrade to a full law degree at no extra cost.

The new course will allow GDL students the opportunity bag an LLB, by completing just three additional online modules.

Worth 20 credits each, aspiring lawyers can select from modules including employment, family, environmental, human rights and the law of business organisations. The first cohort of students will start the online course next summer.

Dr Stelios Platis, managing director at ULaw, said:

At The University of Law, we are 100% committed to the career of our students, and that’s why we are offering this enhancement of our GDL at no extra cost. Having a degree such as the Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons) will make them even more competitive in the job market. With the Graduate LLB, we are combining the total flexibility of studying online with the full support from our expert academic team. Students will be able to add real value to their CV and accelerate their careers.

To be eligible for the new deal students must have already completed an undergraduate degree course and passed all their GDL assessments at the first attempt.

Fees for ULaw’s full-time GDL course in London currently sit at £10,590, while a three-year LLB will set you back £18,000.

ULaw has now offered a number of financial incentives for aspiring lawyers over the past year or so.

Last summer the law school promised to reimburse Legal Practice Course (LPC) students with half of their fees if they failed to find employment within nine months of graduating. Sweetening the deal last month, ULaw confirmed that out of work LPC students could use the other half of their LPC fees as credit towards another ULaw postgraduate course.

However, there is catch. According to the small print, employment is defined as “full-time” or “part-time” within the fields of law or commerce. Covering even basic secretarial work, ULaw isn’t going to pay up just because you didn’t land a training contract at a top City law firm.


Naive fool




Ain’t nothing stopping this bloated mess from sinking down the cesspit, not even a ‘Graduate LLB’.

The sooner the ULol mess implodes and vanishes, the better.



LLB, more like PoS.



BPP already do this so….



Not only is this unnecessary, the time spent on this free upgrade in itself makes it not worthwhile.



Has anyone got actual first-hand experience with how is this ‘Graduate LLB’ viewed by employers?

I’ve done the GDL at BPP and was wondering whether it would be worth it to upgrade the GDL to a full LLB by taking those extra classes.

Will this make one more employable or is it worthless?



Barrister or solicitor?

For the Bar I’d say worthless. Possibly even worse than worthless – people expect candidates to do the gdl at institutions that aren’t all that reputable as universities because that’s the only places you can do the gdl. If you have a LLB from say City you’re in danger of a recruiter who is glancing over your cv putting you in a similar category to people who have a LLB from City because they couldn’t get in anywhere else.



Solicitor, with a Training Contract already secured.


Very Amused

Worthless – go enjoy yourself.



Mate its worthless, dont bother – it’s a complete waste of time.



Care to back these assertions up? Or just ranting?



Dear ULaw/BPP Staff Member

Thank you for your query. Unfortunately if you cannot see how “by completing just three additional online modules” adds virtually no value here (haha witty bantah, I know) then I am afraid I cannot really help you.



No ‘witty bantah’ whatsoever you vapid prat. Resorting to empty ad hominem attacks doesn’t answer my question. So I’m asking again: can you name why do you consider it worthless?

Mind, the three modules you speak about, are completed on top of 8-10 other modules studied during the GDL itself, so you’re not only stupid, but also factually wrong.


Chippy GDL’ers.

Should have done a law degree.


Everyone I know who did a law degree says it was boring.

Boh Dear

Well, if everyone you know who did a law degree it must be true. Plus combined with the fact that I read this on the internet it’s clearly irrefutable.

Boh Dear

EDIT: Well, if everyone you know who did a law degree said so it must be true. Plus combined with the fact that I read this on the internet it’s clearly irrefutable.


A GDL/PGDL/CPE (depending on how old you are) constitutes a qualifying law degree for the purposes of the LPC and the BPTC so there’s no need to turn it into an LLB. I imagine that’s why they’re saying it’s worthless. Additionally, the person above already has a TC secured so their qualifications are clearly (at least) adequate already, so again it would seem worthless for this individual.

The only point to the Graduate LLB is if you personally would like LLB after your name, but that’s an individual choice, it’s not a necessary requirement to enter either branch of the profession.



London South Bank uni do a GDL that can be topped up with a 15,000 words LLM dissertation.

Pretty weak university (even among the GDL offering institutions) but useful for international students who don’t want to practice in the UK.

German law firms for example don’t care about the university as long as the LLM is from an English speaking country, and recruiters over here are not too familiar with the GDL. An option for those who want to try a lucky dip abroad and return if Britain’s job market doesn’t work for them (despite the higher quality of life and work in the UK).



Heh, that’s a complete and utter nonsense.

I’ve got several mates working across firms like Henneger Mueller, Freshfields and Noerr in Frankfurt and Munich and they’ve all got LLMs from Oxbridge, NYU and Harvard on top of stellar results from German law school.

An LLM from LSBU would have you laughed out of any self-respecting German law firm.



What’s Henneger?
I only heard of Hengeler Mueller.



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Irwin Mitchell would be really impressed with a London South Bank Uni’s GDL. Both IM and LSBU have similarly strong, recognisable brands.


Banta Commando

Savage bants, 10/10.


Not Amused

Something has value, it costs money.



Thanks for that, Adam Smith.


Lols, LC, just lols

>”Quick Tommy, ULaw just called and they are threatening to cut off cash! Take those like buttons down now!”
>”Again boss? We’ve put them back up after readers complained and left!”
>”I don’t care, you want yer money or not?! Do it!”

Or how it may have looked when Alex shat his pants and removed the like button again. Congrats RoF, this is gonna increase your readership big time, this place is done.



For all wondering, the reason it is worthless is because UOL is a joke of an institution. Nothing from it is worth anything than the rights it confers on you. GDL and LPC have inherent professional worth because you need them to practise.

Anything offered above that by UoL is worthless – take that from someone who has done one of their “masters”


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