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How to get the most out of your law degree

Kelly Rowney, senior Lecturer at ULaw and PhD candidate, dives into working as an academic, life in Leeds, and top tips for undergrads

4 days ago

Leeds Uni law students offered £10k cash and free accommodation to defer

Move comes as A-level grades hit record highs

Aug 13 2021 9:55am

What I wish I knew before starting my LLB

Birmingham Uni law grad and future trainee Jemina Kauppinen offers her top tips to degree success as students across the country receive A-Level results

Aug 10 2021 10:05am

Retired judge calls for political subjects to be removed from law degrees

Politicised topics like criminology and diversity law should be reserved for postgraduate study

Jan 7 2020 8:51am

Should I get someone to sit the Watson Glaser test on my behalf?

'Are they even a true test of lawyerly ability?'

Feb 28 2019 10:28am

ULaw ramps up law degree offering with four new ‘specialist’ LLBs

Exclusive: Just days after BPP Law School increases focus on postgraduate vocational training market

Jun 1 2018 12:15pm

‘I wonder why I am spending £9,000’: A growing grievance in university law schools

Are law degrees worth the money? Legal Cheek hears from some discontented students

Nov 15 2016 8:56am

Legal Cheek’s favourite undergraduate law modules that you can actually, really study

Forget land law, strategic lawyering sounds much more fun

Oct 12 2016 8:56am

Lord Sumption tells aspiring lawyers not to do a law degree

Do a history degree instead, says the history graduate

Oct 11 2016 8:55am

Revealed: 78% of Legal Cheek readers think law degrees are better than GDLs

An overwhelming win for LLBers as number of students enrolling nears 24,000 a year

Sep 29 2016 9:10am

Revealed: the UK university with the happiest law students

Exclusive: No, it’s not Oxford or Cambridge

Aug 25 2016 9:16am

How to ace your law degree: the alternative student survival guide

Tips from someone who’s actually done it

Aug 22 2016 9:04am

ULaw offers GDL students the chance to upgrade to LLB for free

New "Graduate LLB" will kick off next summer

Jul 14 2016 11:44am

You Have To Go All The Way With The GDL – But An LLB Gives You Options

When I was 16, I received my GCSE results and discovered that I had got...

Apr 17 2013 1:47pm

There Has Always Been A Bar Aptitude Test – And Training To Be A Barrister Is Free For Those Who Pass It

Amid all the debate about rising Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) fees and the new...

Mar 13 2013 1:59pm

Will It Soon Cost Nothing To Become a Lawyer?

Thanks to the trebling of undergraduate fees, the cost of legal education has reached new...

Nov 21 2012 2:32pm