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Leeds Uni law students offered £10k cash and free accommodation to defer

Move comes as A-level grades hit record highs

Aug 13 2021 9:55am

What I wish I knew before starting my LLB

Birmingham Uni law grad and future trainee Jemina Kauppinen offers her top tips to degree success as students across the country receive A-Level results

Aug 10 2021 10:05am

Retired judge calls for political subjects to be removed from law degrees

Politicised topics like criminology and diversity law should be reserved for postgraduate study

Jan 7 2020 8:51am

Should I get someone to sit the Watson Glaser test on my behalf?

'Are they even a true test of lawyerly ability?'

Feb 28 2019 10:28am

ULaw ramps up law degree offering with four new ‘specialist’ LLBs

Exclusive: Just days after BPP Law School increases focus on postgraduate vocational training market

Jun 1 2018 12:15pm

‘I wonder why I am spending £9,000’: A growing grievance in university law schools

Are law degrees worth the money? Legal Cheek hears from some discontented students

Nov 15 2016 8:56am

Legal Cheek’s favourite undergraduate law modules that you can actually, really study

Forget land law, strategic lawyering sounds much more fun

Oct 12 2016 8:56am

Lord Sumption tells aspiring lawyers not to do a law degree

Do a history degree instead, says the history graduate

Oct 11 2016 8:55am

Revealed: 78% of Legal Cheek readers think law degrees are better than GDLs

An overwhelming win for LLBers as number of students enrolling nears 24,000 a year

Sep 29 2016 9:10am

Revealed: the UK university with the happiest law students

Exclusive: No, it’s not Oxford or Cambridge

Aug 25 2016 9:16am

How to ace your law degree: the alternative student survival guide

Tips from someone who’s actually done it

Aug 22 2016 9:04am

ULaw offers GDL students the chance to upgrade to LLB for free

New "Graduate LLB" will kick off next summer

Jul 14 2016 11:44am

You Have To Go All The Way With The GDL – But An LLB Gives You Options

When I was 16, I received my GCSE results and discovered that I had got...

Apr 17 2013 1:47pm

There Has Always Been A Bar Aptitude Test – And Training To Be A Barrister Is Free For Those Who Pass It

Amid all the debate about rising Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) fees and the new...

Mar 13 2013 1:59pm

Will It Soon Cost Nothing To Become a Lawyer?

Thanks to the trebling of undergraduate fees, the cost of legal education has reached new...

Nov 21 2012 2:32pm

Leap To The Other Side: Camden New Journal Music Editor On How She’s Juggling Journalism And Law

For the past two years I have been leading a double life – part music...

Aug 21 2012 1:47pm