Legal Cheek’s ‘most influential law student’ helps Joey Essex bag a GCSE

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By Katie King on

He got a D in general studies


Ever wondered what would happen if Cambridge law graduate and soon-to-be Maitland Chambers pupil Ted Loveday went to the pub with The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star Joey Essex?

Well wonder no more.

Last night, ITV2 viewers were treated to a special episode of Educating Joey Essex — a TV show dedicated to the reality star’s new found quest for (some) knowledge.

And who better to aid the TOWIE big shot in his quest than Mr Loveday himself? A former University Challenge champion, a Cambridge law grad and Legal Cheek’s most influential law student, Loveday knows a thing or two about, well, pretty much everything.

In a turn of events we’re still struggling to process ourselves, Essex, Loveday and a few of his brainy friends — Countdown’s Rachel Riley and Only Connect winner Richard Aubrey — took some time out to tackle a pretty gruelling pub quiz under the team name Team Versuce Geek Squad. But despite some serious brain power on show, the team could only manage third place.

Later on in Re-Educating Joey Essex: GCSE Special, which aired last night to coincide with GCSE results day, 26-year-old Essex hires a private tutor and heads back to school in a bid to bolster his CV.


The reality star previously left education with less than impressive results — a C, a D and a U in art, wood tech and science respectively. But now he can add another qualification to the list: a D in general studies!

Essex seems pretty chuffed with the result, and Loveday is too. Speaking to Legal Cheek, he explained:

I had a sneaking suspicion he’d do well — he’s brighter than he lets on! But also a really genuinely nice person, which I think is impressive given how much he is in the limelight.

Well done Joey Essex! Next stop, law school?