Revealed: the UK university with the happiest law students

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By Katie King on

Exclusive: No, it’s not Oxford or Cambridge


Legal Cheek can exclusively reveal which university has the most satisfied law students, and the answer might surprise you.

Earlier this month, we reported the University of Law (ULaw) had topped the National Student Survey (NSS) with a satisfaction rating of 97%. This means its university students are, overall, the most satisfied in the country, joint top with the University of Buckingham.

However, this didn’t answer the question we really wanted to know: which university has the happiest law students?

After searching high and low for an NSS breakdown by subject area, Legal Cheek can finally reveal that 100% of law students at (*drum roll*) the University of Abertay are satisfied with their course, putting the little known Dundee uni in first place.

Sitting just behind are Teesside University and Edge Hill University on 98%, followed by the University of Law and others scoring 97%.

Though it’s sometimes difficult to believe there’s such thing as a happy law student, the rates of satisfaction between the universities differ markedly.

Let’s take a look at some of the big players. As you might expect, according to the survey 97% of law students at the University of Cambridge, 96% at the University of Leeds and 94% at the University of York are satisfied with their course. At Oxford and Nottingham, this figure is 92%.

Top universities scoring below the 90% mark include Durham (89%), Cardiff (87%), Exeter (86%), King’s (86%), Bristol (85%), Birmingham (83%), UCL (82%), LSE (81%) and Manchester (81%). BPP University has an overall law school satisfaction figure of 78%.

Only one law school scored less than 70% in the general satisfaction category, and that’s the University of Winchester (65%).

Universities with the happiest law students 🙂