69 King’s College law students and staff star in Justin Timberlake mime-along video

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Law professors dad dancing, lecture theatre shots and a cameo from the RCJ


A team of law students and staff members from King’s College London (KCL) have clubbed together to make a lipdub video to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling to show what it means to study at the top university.

The video, which went live at 11am today, is titled #KCLCANTSTOP, and features some lovely law-themed moments we’re delighted to share with our readers.

In one scene, a happy student can be seen dancing along to the summer hit in an empty lecture theatre — presumably EU law.


Another puts her miming skills to the test outside the iconic Royal Courts of Justice.


The video also features cameos from staff members such as medical law lecturer Dr Katherine Wade and construction law lecturer Christopher Howard. Pictured below is James Lee, director of undergraduate admissions, who rose to the dizzy heights of Legal Cheek stardom when he redesigned his reading lists as clickbait headlines last year.


According to Tom Zheng, president of KCL law society, the video:

[R]epresents what it means to be a member of the KCL community. We face every obstacle with optimism and courage. Nothing can hold us down.

Zheng is the hopeful #KCLCANTSTOP will inspire other law schools around the country to dust off their video cameras and release similar videos — fingers crossed!

You can watch Zheng and friends’ uplifting sing-a-long in full here:



Jimmy Saville was in that other famous mine along video, Peter Kay’s ‘Amarillo’.

I don’t have a point, I just watched it the other day and forgot he was in it.



This is gonna look great on their pupillage applications!


Shirley Not



Don't call me Shirley

Some people might regard it as a little unprofessional.


Human barrister

As someone involved in chambers recruitment – don’t be silly. We don’t require pupils to have been po-faced, humourless students. Indeed, we would rather not have colleagues who are bores.



I’ve seen no evidence this lot aren’t humourless.


I found it quite unsurprising that LC idolised someone who writes reading lists as clickbait headlines.



Slight oversight not to mention THE DEAN IS IN IT (Ben Bowling 5ever)



Oh fking dear – is the only correct response I think…

Sorry, I tried to be nice. N’est pas possible…



This is tragic…



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.



Didn’t the yanks do this years ago at another law school across the pond? Do keep up.



You’d have thought this fact would deter rather than encourage right ?

Unfortunately, they only went and did it – this happened… 😐


Not Charlotte Proudman

The only thing I took from that video is that King’s has better talent than LSE


John Cooper QC

Great sense of humour. Pupillages all round.


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