Jogee: Man behind change to joint enterprise law may be out of prison in a year

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The face of one of the most important Supreme Court cases in recent history has been sentenced


Ameen Jogee, the man at the centre of last year’s joint enterprise doctrine overhaul, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter.

As readers may remember, Jogee was the face of one of the most important Supreme Court cases in recent history.

In 2012, the then 22-year-old was convicted of the murder of ex-policeman Paul Fyfe. It was reported Jogee had egged on his co-defendant, Mohammed Hirsi, to stab the victim after a row at Fyfe’s girlfriend’s house.

Though he had not inflicted the fatal stab wound, Jogee was found guilty of murder alongside Hirsi under the doctrine of joint enterprise. The doctrine states participants in a joint criminal enterprise will be criminally liable for the harm that results from that enterprise.

Jogee, in prison for murder at the time, fought his conviction all the way to the highest court in the country.

With help from legal dream team Felicity Gerry QC and Adam Wagner, Jogee managed to convince the justices that the doctrine had been wrongly interpreted for over 30 years. This prompted a vital change in the common law and also a criminal law syllabus makeover.

However, the justices did not overturn Jogee’s conviction. He was sent for a retrial at Nottingham Crown Court, and his fate was sealed last week when a jury found him not guilty of murder. Instead, the jury found him guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter, which carries with it a discretionary sentence.

The killer returned to court this morning for sentencing before His Honour Judge Dickinson QC. At his original trial, Jogee was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years; today, he received a 12-year sentence.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind he may only serve half of that sentence (six years) if he behaves himself in prison and — because Jogee has already served over five years on murder charges — he could be out of prison in a year, something we’re sure will aggravate tabloid newspapers.



“Cue angry tabloid reports”

What a stupid, virtue signalling crock of faux liberal horseshit.

Maybe when he gets out of prison he should kill one of your loved ones, see how cool you find it then to mock conservatives and the



ir views on criminal sentencing.


Ciaran Goggins

How many have plod murdered?



Remarkably few considering the perils inherent in policing the ‘vibrant diversity’ of some urban areas.




Really flippant handling of the whole story.

I’d add to the above: why use clichéd Legal Cheek stuff like “legal dream team”.

There’s a fine line to be drawn between interest in the legal and the more personal aspects of the matter.

Don’t be so tabloid about it.



I don’t understand why people have a problem with the style or perceived flippancy or mocking of the article. I see nothing wrong with it.

Trolls? Cynical and anonymous ( / cowardly) bashing of the author from the safety of your computer screen ?????

The content is factual, descriptive, objective – I don’t see where “being tabloid” comes into it.

I understand that some people may feel a possible sentence of 6 years is too low, and to have that opinion is perfectly legitimate debate……..However, I think bashing on the style of the article is just pure wrong…..

And I’m not KK or LC for the record…



Hi Katie’s mum!


Ciaran Goggins

I am CG and I am far from anonymous. The police are “doing a Winston Silcott/Nicky Jacobs” on Ameen Jogee, they will get him for something (anything) bitchy like that.


Not KK's Mum

Lighten up… it’s Legal CHEEK.
Why don’t you f#£k off and read All England Law Reports.
Sad B@$!@&d…


David Gale

Lucky man. In another time:

Bentley (Deceased), R v [1998] EWCA Crim 2516



Nawty boy will probably be back in the slammer in due course


Lord Lyle of Act

Well done LC. A law report, rather than a fashion article or omega list celebrity tittle tattle. Keep it up.


Adam Deen




Great claim to fame, bro.


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