Lawyer claims £2,375 in damages after being seated next to obese man during long-haul flight

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By Thomas Connelly on

Nine-hour Emirates flight ruined due to “spillover”


An Italian lawyer is taking airline giant Emirates to court after his long-haul flight was “ruined” by an obese passenger seated next to him.

According to Italian media reports, Giorgio Destro (pictured top left) — who was travelling from Cape Town to Dubai — was forced to endure “spillover” from his slightly larger fellow traveller (top right) during his nine-hour journey.

Destro, who is apparently an Emirates “gold member” is claiming €2,759 (£2,375) in total — a ticket refund of €759 (£653) and a further €2,000 (£1,721) in damages.

In an amusing twist, Destro — who claims the airline wouldn’t let him switch seats — took a selfie during the flight to highlight his dissatisfaction.


The case is scheduled for 20 October in Padua, northern Italy.