Lawyer claims £2,375 in damages after being seated next to obese man during long-haul flight

Nine-hour Emirates flight ruined due to “spillover”


An Italian lawyer is taking airline giant Emirates to court after his long-haul flight was “ruined” by an obese passenger seated next to him.

According to Italian media reports, Giorgio Destro (pictured top left) — who was travelling from Cape Town to Dubai — was forced to endure “spillover” from his slightly larger fellow traveller (top right) during his nine-hour journey.

Destro, who is apparently an Emirates “gold member” is claiming €2,759 (£2,375) in total — a ticket refund of €759 (£653) and a further €2,000 (£1,721) in damages.

In an amusing twist, Destro — who claims the airline wouldn’t let him switch seats — took a selfie during the flight to highlight his dissatisfaction.


The case is scheduled for 20 October in Padua, northern Italy.



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Not Amused

1) I can’t believe the lawyer bothered to sue;
2) I can’t believe the airline didn’t just settle.

What a waste of time.


Yeah what an idiot – it’s so easy to hire a private jet these days, he should’ve just stuck his hand his pocket for that! Moron!

Disgusting of Tonbridge Swells

It was probably me.

Maybe I should pay up?


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Fat lives don’t matter. Overweight people should be churned up into pate. Them those people, who will become obese from eating so much pate, will themselves be churned up. And so on, and so on, until the end of time.


People like you should be dunked in a vat of custard.

Adam Peen

Either that or forced to do hard labour. The survivors would lose all their weight and provide useful services to society.


It’s pretty inconsiderate to allow yourself to reach the point where you encroach on other people’s personal space. Lose some weight or purchase two seats.


I look forward to when the airline joins the obese man to the proceedings and seeks a contribution to the damages from him!

Oh, Be Nice!

Listen to yourselves, commenters! You seem to think it’s okay to be unkind and fascistic about people with obesity! Have you not heard the growing consensus from the medical profession that because of a combination of complex factors, obesity is not a voluntary state? Have a look at The Complete Skinny on Obesity on YouTube. Do you really think an obese person wants to be obese and then be reminded unkindly that he/she is a fat f****r by body fascists? Do you think that’s a compassionate way to behave with someone in pain? It’s not okay to jeer at the obese. If we started treating it like the chronic condition it often is, then maybe governments would start to take investment in solving our obesity epidemic seriously. And writing “Oi, who took ma Jaffa cakes?” and calling yourself Fat bastard is the moral equivalent of writing “Oi, who took ma water melon?” and calling yourself N****r bastard. I think the Legal Cheek moderators might have something to say about that pretty quickly. Why, then, is it okay to be nasty about obese people?


Calm down fatty, stop being so precious and have another biscuit.

Oh, Be Nice!

Anonymous, I don’t carry much weight, mate, so fat comments aren’t going to hurt me. I’m thinking about the burden of obesity that’s carried by many many people involuntarily. You appear to be enjoying hating me and my comment. I hear your pain, and it would be good for you to just talk to someone sometime about it. You’ll live better with the world if you can live better with yourself.

Fat bastard

It was you, wasn’t it! Give me back ma cakes!

I’m fat n’ i luv it, just don’t stand behind me when I blast.

Oh, Be Nice!

I hear your pain, Fat bastard. It’s okay to admit that you need love and that it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.


You’re so inspirational being offended on someone else’s behalf. I mean, it’s clearly not demonstrating a sense of superiority where you think you know what someone will be offended about and then decide you are good enough to do all their speaking for them.

Oh, Be Nice!

I’m trying to find a reasonable response to your words, Anonymous, but find it difficult because those words are a sarcastic personal attack not based in truth or on sound argument. I do know that medical professionals are developing an consensus that obesity is not a choice for the obese. I also know that people generally don’t like being insulted for any reason, let alone for a condition over which they have little control. Your words, and the inhumane comments following this article, suggest that insulting obese people is justified because they should have more self-control and do more exercise to lose weight: it’s their own fault and they do not deserve, indeed, welcome sympathy as a homogeneous group. What about the epidemic of obese infants and children? Are they gluttons and sloths too? The answer is no. If there was greater understanding about the complexities of the obesity pandemic that has affected modern humanity only from the late 20th century onwards, the ignorant might not throw out insults so easily. Being obese would be treated with more sympathy than it generally is currently and a person might not feel justified in taking an airline to court for the minor inconvenience caused to him by a fellow passenger’s involuntary medical condition.


Bullsh1t – typical fatties not taking responsibility. That’s why they stay fat.


Too true. Fat people are fat because of their glands.

Their Fat and Greedy Gland in particular.

Fat-fat Fatty-fat

No, we’re big boned…

My arse bone is a hell of a size, matched only by my belly bone…

Oh, Be Nice!

Haha, unkind, but quite funny, I have to admit. Seriously, though, if you jokers are law students or just kooks trolling around, or a bit of both, you wouldn’t do too much wrong by informing yourselves about what’s really going on with your obese significant other, mother, father, siblings, children or friends who might be suffering and blaming themselves for being too porky.


We don’t hang with tubsters, bro.

That’s your job, bruh.

I bang worldy’s, brah.


Liven yourself up boy. You need a couple of pints of banter juice, bruh!

Fat Bastard

I have a right to be fat. People are getting fatter – fact. If airlines want to avoid problems of this nature, they should ensure that their seats are suitable for the range of people likely to use them. If they want to go down the route of charging people to cater for different needs, whether they be especially tall, short or fat, then fine. They don’t because it would be commercially disadvantageous. So they should either provide wider seats for those that need them, or compensate passengers who are inconvenienced by their failure to do so.

Quite Amused By Not Amused

“I bang worldy’s [sic.], brah”: Wasn’t that Proust’s follow up to “À la recherche du temps perdu”?

Quite Amused By Not Amused

No, I was quite wrong. Proust’s sequel was actually called “stfu leftie cockstain”. Quelle erreur!


This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.

Quite Amused By Not Amused.

Touché, mon brave. Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses. Innit, bruv.


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