LSE law degree named second highest-earning uni course in the country with average grad pocketing almost £70,000

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This and more from brand new university league tables


New university league tables claim a law degree from the London School of Economics is the second highest-earning course in the country.

According to the Good University Guide 2017, LLB-ers from the top university earn — on average — £68,933 six months after graduating, beaten only by geology students from Imperial College London who earn £73,267.


Though we’re not quite sure how the newspaper behind the rankings, The Sunday Times, has arrived at this stat, given that lucrative law jobs almost always require postgraduate study, the figure will no doubt provide food for thought for wannabe lawyers.

In more predictable news, the Good University Guide has also ranked university law faculties by their overall performances and — guess what — Cambridge and Oxford came in first and second place, respectively.

Rounding off the top ten law schools are LSE, Durham, Nottingham, UCL, Leeds, Bristol, Queen’s University Belfast and, interestingly, the University of Dundee.

Other high performers include Newcastle University (20), the University of Strathclyde (22), Heriot-Watt University (26) and Keele University (29). The faculties are ranked by a number of performance indicators, such as entry standards and graduate prospects.

Trailing down the bottom of the 100-strong league table are the likes of Leeds Beckett University (85), the University of Northampton (93) and London Metropolitan University (99). The University of Winchester’s law school has come in 100th place, having also come last in this year’s National Student Survey.

Fortunately, it’s been a great year for Southampton Solent. This law school came in at a respectable 79th place this year, having come last in the 2016 rankings.


LSE £124k grad

Southampton Solent at a ‘respectable 79th place last year’

Very respectable indeed. What were you smoking Katie?! 😂



At least, if you are going to criticise, get your quote straight before you start.



Stfu wasteman



‘LSE £124k grad’ I think not.


LSE £124k grad

Want some vinegar on that chip matey?



Nobody sane goes into law for reasons other than money and social standing / prestige.


Not Amused

Well, I went in to law because it is the force/power by which human beings regulate and control other human beings. Having watched how badly humans with power behaved, teachers, parents etc. I decided that the world (particularly my enjoyment of it) would be better if I had that power at my disposal – rather than just trust some random external force to ‘look after’ me.



Cool story brah, made me go and control human beings.



Yeah I thought that way at first on my TC. But then I realised during the 12th hour redacting and copying a 136 page facilities agreement that the money is more important.



Well Not Amused, you’re clearly an idiot.



Well based off the stories from solicitors at Simmons & Simmons and HSF that I talked to, you go into law because an Oxford BA in Art History doesn’t get you much more than a TC offer.



Considering you need to go on to the LPC or BPTC, how can these graduates possibly be earning this amount within 6 months of graduating?

I can’t help but feel these stats are slightly skewed.



Maybe they aren’t practising law?



Clearly LSE Graduates were fibbing on their surveys.

Bear in mind the highest paid training contracts, and the number of vacancies, it’s impossible to be earning that after 6 months.

Lying School of Egoists



LSE’s own website:

“Of 648 leavers surveyed, 455 responded, giving a response rate of 70.2%. The Proportion of graduates in work or further study is: 89.5%

The average (median) salary of graduates in full time work is £23,500”

So, to get to move from an average of £23,500 to the claimed £68,933 with the remaining 30% of respondents, that 30% needs to earn £229,721 each!

Good luck(!)


Karli Jennah

There’s no way CompSci DMU grads earn £39k…



‘On average’ – as in ‘not at all reality’



Within 6 months, without having completed the LPC or a training contract?

Well that’s a bare faced lie.



This league table is such a load of horsecock.

Leeds Trinity business studies grads earning £58k+ within 6 months of graduation? Lol as if!
They’ll be lucky to get position of microwave oven operator at Perfect Spiced Chicken with that kind of degree.



“interestingly, the University of Dundee”. You do realise it is a very well regarded Scottish law school, with graduates regularly being recruited by the top ranking Scottish firms.


Landan lad

‘Top ranking Scottish firms’

Interesting, I didn’t know there were any.


A tramp from Maclay Murray Spens




That’s a top firm! MMS’s HR told me so.



There is an assumption in these comments that LSE law grads are going into training contracts in the U.K. Some will be returning to their home country to work as a lawyer, others will be going into investment banking. That might explain, in part, the figures mentioned. Although I do expect the survey’s data and analysis to be flawed even if this wasn’t the case.



Everyone always inflates their wage when answering these surveys. I usually multiply my own by 15


Lord Harley of Counsel

Tell the truth and shame the devil. That’s what I say.



15 multiplied by 0 is still 0.



I went to London Met and earn £3m per annum



Tunde, is this you?



This post has been removed because it breached Legal Cheek’s comments policy.


U idiots

its the LSE you fools, tons of law students end up going to banking or other fields that pay way higher than law



Rubbish, it’s usually about 60th in the league tables.



‘Mon Queens.



Where’s QMUL? I thought it was the best law school in London?


Lord Lyle of Reality

Once again LC in Wonderland.

Finance, Industrial relations, science, architecture, engineering, etc is where the money is at. Law is at 37th place or something. Do your own research kids, but whatever you do, don’t listen to LC. They are unqualified to advise you.




Hmm, I guess the £124k NQ job at Lathams was just a fata morgana then…


Qualified and Entertained

Said position requires as a minimum a further one year of education and two years of training, and does not fall within their definition of a starting salary… But please do go on.



Geology ?


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