Macfarlanes and Addleshaw Goddard reveal autumn retention results

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Encouraging 80%+ performances from ‘silver circle’ outfit and ‘northern giant’


Corporate duo Macfarlanes and Addleshaw Goddard have released their autumn retention results, with both firms keeping over 80% of their trainees.

From a trainee cohort of 21, Macfarlanes made 20 offers, with all but two newly qualified (NQ) lawyers accepting. This resulted in a final autumn retention figure of 85%. The silver circle outfit’s new associates will pocket a respectable £71,000 a year.

Commenting on today’s result, Sean Lavin, partner and head of graduate recruitment, said:

When recruiting and training we always have the long-term careers of those that join us front of mind. Our aim is for 100% trainee retention and in March we were in the excellent position of having achieved this. 85% retention is a very satisfactory outcome. While 100% retention is our objective, it is inevitable that individual expectations and the opportunities available cannot always be matched.

Earlier this year, the single-office outfit posted an impressive spring result of 100%, keeping all six of its new recruits.

Meanwhile, northern giant Addleshaw Goddard has revealed an autumn retention rate of 81%. From a trainee cohort of 27, the large national outfit confirmed 22 NQs had committed their future to the firm. A spokesperson for Addleshaws said:

We have seen a slight decrease in our trainee retention rate this summer, due to the changing personal circumstances of the handful who left the firm. Despite this our retention rate remains strong and reflects a genuine commitment to attracting, retaining and developing great people.

Though it is not clear how many offers were made, Legal Cheek is aware of at least one NQ who has opted to join a much higher paying US outfit in the City. Addleshaws’ new London-based associates will start on a salary of £61,000, while those starting life as a lawyer in one of the firm’s eight regional offices will pocket a figure closer to £38,000.

This newest 81% result marks a slight drop on Addleshaws’ 2015 autumn result. On that occasion the firm held on to 23 out of 27, or 85%, of its NQs.

It’s turning out to be a very mixed autumn retention rate season this year. Late last week, Reed Smith revealed a disappointing autumn figure of 67%, keeping hold of just eight of its 14 NQs. Meanwhile Pinsent Masons confirmed that 47 of its 59 final-seat trainees had committed their future to the firm, equating to an autumn result of 80%.


Future trainee

Anyone know when will Northern Powerhouse Addleshaw raise NQ rates to £90k?



Frankly I think it’s quite impressive they can post 80% plus retention every year on those salaries. Must be doing something right in terms of training/hours/culture.



Top bantz, that one made me laugh.

As if they’ll ever pay over £65k mate.



Yes,why aren’t the SC increasing salaries?



Seriously why is everyone here just obsessed with the pay? Yes you want your years of hard work rewarded well but if your only motivation to decide on what firms you like it will apply to is based on their NQ and 1-3 PQE pay you are in it for the wrong reasons. Too many aspire to go to do city law for the money not because they have any passion for law and business



Clearly an associate at Trowers.



No I’m a Russell Group law student actually but fed up as to why people judge a firm purely based on NQ and 1-3 PQE salaries.


Jaded trainee

Because fundamentally you do the same sh*t at every place, so you may as well maximise what you receive for it.



Wish I was told this 3 years ago

Adam Deen

Knighthood for you.


Tempted to just train at a mid-market Yank shop, if I can’t get an offer from one of the top UK/US firms..

Cackle & Laugh LLP

Russell Group eh?

Your parents must be very proud of you.


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