Another law student has made a brilliant student card picture f*** up

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By Katie King on

But does Dáire Shaw’s alien filter ID beat Tina Byrne’s cow selfie?


A Liverpool John Moores University law student has gone viral after he ordered a student ID card complete with a photo of himself using the Snapchat alien filter.

According to 19-year-old Dáire Shaw’s Facebook post — which has over 13,000 likes and 3,000 comments — he was drunk when he ordered the NUS card.

Though Legal Cheek salutes the first-year law student for his undeniably brilliant student card photo, we can’t quite decide whether it tops Tine Byrne’s efforts.

As some readers may remember, Open University law student Byrne submitted a selfie of her and a cow from a recent volunteer trip to Romania when applying for her International Student Identity Card (ISIC). She assumed the photo would be cropped or otherwise edited, so imagine the aspiring solicitor’s delight when her card arrived complete with a pic of the Romanian cattle.


Which student ID card fail do you prefer: Shaw’s alien filter or Byrne’s cow selfie?