Everyone, stop what you’re doing and look at this international lawyer’s LinkedIn profile

There’s a photo of him doing the splits on a beach


Need something to brighten up your day? Take a look at “international lawyer” Altaf Hussain’s LinkedIn profile.

Hussain, who works at full service international law firm Addison Aaron, has made Legal Cheek smile with his quirky LinkedIn posts, like this one of him doing the splits.


Birmingham City graduate Hussain has also used LinkedIn to give us this James Bond-themed gem.


Then there’s this rather fetching shot of the human rights specialist clutching a tennis racket. His opponent better watch out: according to his firm profile, Hussain is an “avid sportsman” who has played “various sports at county level”. #win #win.


Plus this shot of a rather pensive looking Hussain hanging out in front of some boats.


Amazing stuff.



This looks like bullying. He’s hardly Lord Harley.

Awful post.


Waiting for some pedant to point out that it’s not actually the beach but clearly a wall “as evidenced by the clear visibility of brickwork and masonry.. beach is technically sand i.e. finely grained sodium silicate particles of colours varying from white to a dark brown etc. ad boredeam”…….


I really do have a photo of myself doing the splits on the sand at the beach … when I was 11. Something for the family album, not my public professional profile.

Addleshaw Associate (still no pay rise)

He’s a breath of fresh air in this banal profession!!!!!!!

Bring on more!


At some point in the near future Legal Cheek, specifically KK’s attempts at articles, will become so similar to Twitter and LinkedIn that they will not be distinguishable to anyone but an expert.


Such a shame that in real life this guy is an obnoxious farce to the legal profession.


Fair play to the lad, just went though his profile and this guy beat cancer on his own and is bringing something different to the legal game.. At least he’s not your typical ‘up his own arse’ kinda guy which most lawyers and solicitors are.


With no assistance from surgeons, radiotherapy or chemo?

Get this guy to a lab! He’s a genius!!!


That’s right… The treatments you mentioned kills you faster then cancer.. And puts ££££’s into pharmaceutical companies pockets.
Natural methods of killing cancer has existed since the dawn of time, but big pharmacorps can’t let you know that…
Research my friend all the information is available to you, if you are open enough to find it.
I personally don’t know who this guy is but fair play to him to try and educate people about it..!


Where are all the good and talented lawyers? Answer, they are either in court or behind a desk or in meetings or mediations and don’t have time to do splits on the beach!


He got his head stuck up his arse… Looks desperate for business… Reading his posts almost begging ppl to use him.


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