Everyone, stop what you’re doing and look at this international lawyer’s LinkedIn profile

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By Katie King on

There’s a photo of him doing the splits on a beach


Need something to brighten up your day? Take a look at “international lawyer” Altaf Hussain’s LinkedIn profile.

Hussain, who works at full service international law firm Addison Aaron, has made Legal Cheek smile with his quirky LinkedIn posts, like this one of him doing the splits.


Birmingham City graduate Hussain has also used LinkedIn to give us this James Bond-themed gem.


Then there’s this rather fetching shot of the human rights specialist clutching a tennis racket. His opponent better watch out: according to his firm profile, Hussain is an “avid sportsman” who has played “various sports at county level”. #win #win.


Plus this shot of a rather pensive looking Hussain hanging out in front of some boats.


Amazing stuff.