Legal Cheek petitions Apple to bring back the gavel emoji

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By Legal Cheek on

This is the most important thing you’ll sign all year


Legal Cheek has set up an online petition demanding the reinstatement of the humble gavel emoji, and you can sign today.

Law students and lawyers were devastated when the gavel emoji (pictured) was cruelly taken without warning from their smartphone keyboards. Though years have passed, the feelings of betrayal have not, as these recent tweets show.

This is undeniably a public crisis, and we just couldn’t be idle and watch the world burn. After much consideration, deliberation and speculation, Legal Cheek decided to do the only thing it thought right: to petition Apple and The Unicode Consortium and demand the gavel emoji is brought back.

Legal Cheek cannot do this alone — we need your help collecting signatures and spreading the gavel love.

You can read and sign the Apple-directed plea here. Together, we can bring the gavel back to its rightful home.