National Poetry Day: Kirkland & Ellis edition

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By Legal Cheek on

A little nugget of gold from the Legal Cheek comments section


Today is National Poetry Day. Having spent the morning trying to find a half-decent law-themed poem for the site — with little luck — the Legal Cheek editorial team was about to call it a day. But then we spotted a poetic nugget of gold in our lively comments section.

To provide some context, earlier this week Legal Cheek brought you the news that a newly qualified lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis‘ London office could pocket as much as £140,000 a year. Pegging its salaries against the dollar, Kirkland’s young cohort have been cashing in thanks to the tanking value of the pound.

This inspired one anonymous Legal Cheek reader to take to the comments section with a poem.

Kirkland & Ellis — a poem



While this poem is very funny
And their lawyers do earn a hell of a lot of money
It has been written tongue in cheek
And isn’t a Kirkland & Ellis critique

Happy National Poetry Day to all our readers!