People are loving Benedict Cumberbatch’s commentary on celeb pal Judge Rinder’s Strictly performance

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By Legal Cheek Reporter on

We’re through the looking glass here people


Hollywood heart-throb Benedict Cumberbatch has provided an amusing narrated accompaniment to celeb pal Judge Rinder’s latest Strictly Come Dancing performance.

Appearing on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Cumberbatch poked fun at Judge Rinder (real name Robert Rinder) during an off the cuff commentary.

Watching a repeat of Rinder’s performance from Saturday, Cumberbatch — who apparently harboured dreams of becoming a barrister — quipped that “his knees are going” and poked fun at the TV barrister’s unbuttoned shirt (claiming this has become “an obligatory look for dancers on the show”).

Cumberbatch’s tongue in cheek commentary went down a real treat, as these tweets show.

Rinder — who is actually a criminal barrister at London’s 2 Hare Court and not a member of the judiciary — shot to fame back in 2014 when he appeared in his own fictional courtroom show called, yes you’ve guessed it, Judge Rinder. His law-themed debut performance on Strictly Come Dancing looks set to become the most popular online clip in the hit show’s history.

Having been friends since their University of Manchester days, Cumberbatch conducted Rinder’s civil ceremony to longtime partner Seth Cummings (who is also a barrister) in Ibiza back in 2013.



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