Slaughter and May employee who stole ‘paper and stationery’ worth £3,000 banned from legal profession

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Howard Hemley was sacked by the firm last December


An office clerk at one of the City’s most elite law firms has been banned from working in the legal profession after it emerged he had stolen £3,000 worth of “paper and other stationery”.

Howard Hemley, of Stamford Hill, London, was — until his dismissal last December — employed by magic circle outfit Slaughter and May as an office services clerk.

According to a Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) decision published earlier this week, Hemley misappropriated “paper and other stationery” worth approximately £3,000.

Finding that Hemley had “acted dishonestly”, the regulator said it would be “undesirable for him to be involved in a legal practice”. Hemley — who is not a solicitor — was banned from working within the legal profession and slapped with a £300 costs order.

This isn’t the first law firm employee to seemingly take a fancy to their firm’s supplies cupboard. Earlier this year Legal Cheek reported on a supervisor at City-based outfit Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co who was barred from the profession for flogging his employer’s printer toner on eBay.

According to the SRA, Andrew Cook — who had worked at the firm’s Birmingham office — received £227.34 for the printer cartridges, after £3 was deducted in eBay fees. He was dismissed from the firm in May 2015.



Please correct the typo in the first paragraph. It’s stationery, not stationary!



Maybe it should say “stationary objects”, as Hemley was too unfit to go after moving things.



When I pointed out an error on LC’s website yesterday, my comment was censored with the typical “against LC policies” BS. Probably let this one slide as it isn’t about one of their clients who pay for advertising.



who knows why the SRA protract these things…



That pay is really hitting hard…



How can the SRA issue a costs order against a non-solicitor?

Surely his criminal conviction did the trick in preventing further employment?



Criminal convictions effectively become erased after time, owing to the rehab. of offenders act. Sharpen up.



They become spent, not effectively erased. You sharpen up, bro.



I love it that people are obliviously making comments about sharpening and erasing in response to an article about stationery.

One could perhaps say that those references were… punintentional….

*grabs coat*



Couldn’t like this enough Bumblebee


I like detail.

A box 5 500 A4 sheafs is £18 or so on ebay. £3000 worth is consequently a huge amount of stationery.

LC, please find out what he stole and how he got it out of the building, for a bonus point.

(I know you read these comments because the typo mentioned by Bumblebee has been corrected :))


Lord Lyle of Eccentric Firms

Yup. Some mum’s do have em. I worked at a firm that was wanting in the provision of stationery, so I bought it myself and sold it at a profit to the staff.
Nice earner that. It also had no light bulbs in the toilets, so I bought a rechargeable battery powered light bulb and charged 10p a go to the staff and clients. It cost me £9.99 and I got a return of £300 per year.



It appears as though his future at law firms has been ruled out.






We’ve all done it.


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