The graffiti outside the Royal Courts of Justice is getting creepier

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By Katie King on

First killer clowns, now this


The Royal Courts of Justice has fallen victim to some really creepy graffiti.

On Friday, lawyers, court users and passers-by were surprised to see a generous coating of spray paint on the side of the iconic building, which houses the High Court. This graffiti read “Accept Bribe All the time” (sic) and “if you dont pay we will Kill you” (sic again).

These scribbles were cleaned off over the weekend, but now more unsettling messages have appeared.

One says “they cheat this is a circle only they pay doctors”, just along from a message reading “they invent new things”.

Another longer piece says:

they pay judges they are paying Doctors they are fabricating evidence they stop me to have solicitor


One piece reads:

they are sharks they pay judges circle of lies, they are fabricating evidence


On another wall, the graffitist has written:

i need my information


Having chatted to a spokesperson for Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service this morning, Legal Cheek can confirm there is currently a live police investigation into this matter.

This isn’t the first time the law courts have fallen foul to opportunistic doodling. Take a look at this piece from the archives, counting down some of the best court building defacement.