Defendant who went viral for questioning face tattoo lawyer’s skills reveals ‘she got me off’

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Never judge a book by its cover


A defendant who tweeted he was going to jail because his lawyer has a face tattoo has revealed he walked away from court a free man.

Just over a year ago to the day, New York designer Lambo Keem — appearing at a US court on unknown charges — tweeted a photograph of his new legal representative, who was called in after his original lawyer fell sick.

The unidentified public defender, the US equivalent of a legal aid lawyer, has a somewhat unusual look for a member of the profession: she’s sporting a tattoo below her right eye.

Quick to judge (no pun intended), Keem tweeted — alongside the secret snaps of his lawyer — he’s “GOIN [sic] TO JAIL”.

Incredibly, Keem’s post — which compares the public defender to rapper and fellow face tattoo fan Gucci Mane — went viral, receiving almost 70,000 retweets.

Now a year on, Keem has thanked his lawyer for all her hard work, revealing to his social media following that “she got me off”. Just goes to show you should never judge a book by its cover, or its awesome face tattoo.

Hopefully the bold look will catch on in the United Kingdom.