‘Mannequin Challenge’: London barristers embrace latest social media trend

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You’ve basically got to stand really still


A new social media craze prompting people to imitate mannequins on camera has finally reached the legal profession.

The appropriately named ‘Mannequin Challenge’ — which requires participants to stand very still so they appear frozen — has taken the internet by storm.

With celebrities embracing the viral video movement, it didn’t take long for lawyers to muscle in on the action.

In what Legal Cheek believes is a first for the profession, barristers and clerks at Church Court Chambers took time out of their busy schedule last week to do, well, absolutely nothing.

The short clip was produced by barrister Tomas McGarvey, and was tweeted by the multi-disciplinary set on Friday.

A solid effort and, tomfoolery aside, it’s all for a good cause. Proceeds raised by the challenge go to Children in Need.

Supreme Court judges, it’s over to you.



Woah. I was not expecting the short cameo from Tyson Fury right at the end there…



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I saw a blink at the end by Colin



What knob wears robes in chambers?



One doing some hilarious bantz obviously.


Charlotte Proudman

Ones who do it for charity you bell end.





Dark Silencer

Really? For publicity more like you moron



Our clerks are wearing the robes and barrister assuming the role of clerks. Its both for charity and a bit of fun and if nothing more we all had a good laugh in chambers, where it is an absolute pleasure to work with a really great bunch of people. So that explains who the ‘knobs’ are. If you had a name other than hiding behind ‘anonymous’ i’d invite you to stick an application in because you are obviously not receiving enough love where you are. Be positive, not negative.



Yeah if I ever fancy a gig or need a legal aid lawyer I’ll give you a call. Lolzzzz


Dark Silencer

lol…..”charity” ha ha ha ha why hasn’t any other set done it then. Promoting your chambers in a ridiculous manner and you think clients will take you seriously. Moron.






Maybe give children in need a call and donate a few quid instead? 😉



Well I think it is great. So, well done CCC!



Pretty fine effort by church court, good work!



Genuinely laughing at #gettingwiggywithit

Good effort.



A fantastic production. Well done all at Church Court Chambers! The best I have seen.






one more set scratched off the list.


Antony Canaii

Well done..every little helps. Tony, Augustins Solicitors



A few Members of “CCC” appear to be giving it the big ones on here. Perhaps a sign of how busy it is. Bu..bu..bu..but its for charity. Come off it. Embarrassing.

As you were.



I prefer the traditional sponsored Marathon to raise awareness of a good cause and money for it.

I don’t see how this is meant to raise money? Who is going to be persuaded to give money for literally doing nothing. At least Lenny Henry is hilarious.


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