‘Mannequin Challenge’: London barristers embrace latest social media trend

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By Thomas Connelly on

You’ve basically got to stand really still


A new social media craze prompting people to imitate mannequins on camera has finally reached the legal profession.

The appropriately named ‘Mannequin Challenge’ — which requires participants to stand very still so they appear frozen — has taken the internet by storm.

With celebrities embracing the viral video movement, it didn’t take long for lawyers to muscle in on the action.

In what Legal Cheek believes is a first for the profession, barristers and clerks at Church Court Chambers took time out of their busy schedule last week to do, well, absolutely nothing.

The short clip was produced by barrister Tomas McGarvey, and was tweeted by the multi-disciplinary set on Friday.

A solid effort and, tomfoolery aside, it’s all for a good cause. Proceeds raised by the challenge go to Children in Need.

Supreme Court judges, it’s over to you.