MasterChef? Twitter goes into meltdown after King & Wood Mallesons’ head chef cooks strawberry risotto

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Law firm’s culinary expert crashes out of TV cooking competition


The head chef at City outfit King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) sent Twitter into meltdown yesterday after rustling up strawberry flavoured risotto during her appearance on BBC Two’s MasterChef: The Professionals.

Nina Mash — who has been the top chef at KWM for just over two years — raised a few eyebrows after opting to serve her salmon dish with… strawberry risotto.

Despite concerns from the cooking show’s esteemed judges — including renowned celebrity chef Marcus Wareing — Mash pushed on with her unusual dish, claiming the flavours reminded her of her native South Africa.


Unfortunately for Mash, her dish (pictured above) went down, well, like a big plate of strawberry risotto. Slammed by the judges, viewers also took issue with the head chef’s culinary combination.

Needless to say Mash — who was appearing in one of the competition’s initial heats — didn’t make it through to the next round. A spokesperson for KWM, who was presumably full of strawberry risotto, declined to comment.

You can watch the full episode here.



It’ll take more than this to detract attention away from the ongoing mess, KWM PR team…



I messed my big girl pants with boredom after reading this.



So it’s not just KWM’s financial status that is leaving a bitter taste…



I think KWM have bigger fish to fry than worrying about strawberry risotto



Just imagine being a future trainee / trainee there. You’d be shitting yourself now.



Caveat emptor. The firm had a shyte reputation for years, and the partner departures were going on since at least mid-2014.

The intelligent ones saw the writings on the wall long ago.



kwm tight arrogant idiots



Yeah, that’s pretty weird.


Insider stories

Heh, she’ll soon have to do her role pro bono. Rumour has it there won’t be enough cash to pay out salaries in Q1 2017.



Like the catering staff are employed by KWM ….. NOT!!!!



Great article guys! Not sure I’d like to eat strawberry risotto either! Ew! I hear the food at KWM is normally amazing though!


Disgruntled associate

It’s distinctly average, but the basic portion (miniature, mind) is for free.


Support staff

I disagree. I think the food is of a high quality for mass catering, and unless you are particularly greedy, the portion size is reasonable.


Disgruntled associate

Ain’t my fault that I’m bulking brah. Maybe on your meagre salaries it seems reasonable…



Maybe with your “massive” ego you should eat elsewhere!!!


Disgruntled associate

Soz mate, just a bit of bantz.

As a matter of fact, quality banter is all that’s keeping the remaining associates in my team from just vanishing into thin air on this rapidly sinking ship, that’s how bad the morale is. The rats are long gone and it’ll be us the grunts manning the oars who’ll go down with the boat.

It’s so depressing to go to work knowing you’ll likely get to know more from The Lawyer about the state of your firm than from the management of KWM. They pretty much kept the whole thing under wraps, and now they’re suddenly calling out big meetings where they tell us how we’re gonna get screwed. I’m done with this shop – to think I used to be proud for working at SJB…



Jesus, why are you still there? You should be walking the boards, throwing your CV at every recruitment consultant in London, calling partners you’ve been against on recent deals to see if they’ll hire you etc etc


Disgruntled associate

Oh I did, but it’s not like good gigs grow on trees in the City, especially after the pay level I got used to at KWM. So far got some mediocre offers and plenty of 12-month contract gigs… I was hoping for a US firm.


“Twitter meltdown”

Oh do grow up, Thomas. You’ll be writing for the Mail at this rate.



Indeed!!! Well said!!



Get your CV’s in to us folks. The city is very busy for this time of year….Or move abroad!


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