Morning round-up: Thursday 10 November

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The morning’s top legal affairs news stories


Liz Truss promises measures to diversify judiciary [The Guardian]

Top government lawyer Lord Keen lays into media over judge attacks [Total Politics]

How lawyers lent legitimacy to multi-million pound investment scams [Mirror]

Contract lawyers are ‘copy and paste monkeys’ [Law Gazette]

Adidas start legal challenge over new Barca home shirt which they claim contains copyright infringement [The Sun]

Nigel Shepherd: ‘Law fails poorer families going through relationship breakdown’ [The Guardian]

Brexit verdict so predictable a first-year law student could have written it [Belfast Telegraph]

Russian movie star thrown in the snow after ‘confronting famous wife’s lawyer over divorce’ [Mirror]

Lisa Kudrow is producing ‘dream come true’ gay legal drama Rebel Law [Metro]

Summer work placement at Kirkland & Ellis [Legal Cheek Hub]

“Definite parallels to Brexit. People don’t like being told who to vote for by perceived liberal elite and celebrities.” [Legal Cheek comments]