This barrister’s profile is our new favourite thing

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“Hang on, she’s seen a few summers!”


A barrister from Australia has shown lawyers how chambers profiles should really be done.

After reading the opening paragraph of Susan Aufgang’s profile, we were totally hooked. Under the heading ‘Available For Hire — One Slightly Used Barrister-at-Law’, Aufgang tells viewers they’re probably reading her profile because they’ve looked at her photo and thought:

Hang on, she’s seen a few summers! What is she doing at the bar and what was she doing before coming here?

Aufgang — who practises at the Victorian bar — then treats readers to her life story.


Highlights from the University of Melbourne graduate include this nugget about her time as a computer programmer:

[I]t was so long ago that she arrived there before the computer — yes, that’s right — THE computer. The stories she can tell you about paper tape, punched cards and magnetic tape are almost unbelievable in this day and age.

Then there’s this great line about her career change:

Susan was dragged kicking and screaming in the direction of the law. It’s a long story and for the price of a glass of wine (or even a bottle of still water) she can be coaxed into telling it, but not here.

What a legend — but Aufgang isn’t the only Aussie lawyer Legal Cheek has been loving recently.

Who remembers Andrew Wiseman, the motoring specialist from Queensland who spammed his firm’s Instagram feed with selfies?


UK lawyers, please take note.