Law students across the country are getting into the Christmas spirit… not

Even advent calendars haven’t lightened the mood


It’s the turn of the Christmas month, the perfect time to don a naff jumper, scoff some mince pies and really start getting into the festive spirit.

Or not, as the case may be, for the droves of students spending the beginning of December chugging away at law school. A typically moany bunch, it seems the promise of an advent calendar chocolate every morning hasn’t done enough to shake that ‘omg I still don’t know what an easement is’ feeling.

Our proof? We asked Legal Cheek’s 1,000+ Snapchat followers what they were doing to get into a Christmassy mood and the responses we received weren’t quite as stocking/elf/snowman-laden as we had hoped. Take a look at some of our favourite pictures below.

1. Who needs eggnog when you’ve got European Union law?


2. Who needs ferrero rochers when you have feoffees?


3. Who needs trifle when you have transactions?


4. Who needs decorations when you’ve got deadlines?


5. Who needs hot chocolate when you’ve got hearsay?


6. Who needs candy canes when you’ve got criminal procedure?


7. Who needs tinsel when you’ve got trusts?


Bah humbug indeed.


Naughty grandpa

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The constant morning of Law Students that they have it hardest out of undergrads really tickles my tits

Try doing Medicine. I graduated then started Law, which is a breeze compared.

Stop sobbing, snowflakes.


You’d think after taking both a degree in Medicine and the GDL/law degree, you’d know the difference between morning and mourning!

Liberturd Leftie

I thought you meant moaning… mourning or moaning, both are true when it comes to law Students


Just because you found it a walk in the park doesn’t mean that others find it easy.


don’t write using exactly the same who needs….when you have…get Alex to send you to journalism school


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