Lawyer dressed in blazer and chinos holding a glass of wine caught on CCTV recording friend spray painting ‘F*ck Trump’ on supermarket wall

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A blue blazer and cream chino clad lawyer has been captured on CCTV using his mobile phone to record a friend spray painting an anti-Trump slogan on the side of a building.

Duncan Lloyd (pictured top) — who works for the city of Philadelphia’s legal department — can be seen on grainy surveillance footage pointing his mobile phone at his unnamed friend, who then sprays “Fuck Trump” on the exterior wall of a posh supermarket.


A former associate at US law firm Morgan Lewis, Lloyd — who appears to have taken fashion inspiration from Alan Partridge — holds a glass of wine in his right hand while the incident unfolds.


With Lloyd remaining tight-lipped about the whole thing, Philadelphia’s mayor, Jim Kenney, told local news website that the graffiti was “inappropriate and unacceptable”. But, he added:

[P]eople are human beings and they make mistakes and it’s a dumb mistake.

Continuing, the mayor revealed that a final decision regarding Lloyd’s employment had not been made.

Police believe the value of the damage caused is between $3,000 (£2,400) and $10,000 (£7,800). They’ve also confirmed they are yet to make an arrest.

According to his LinkedIn, Lloyd — who specialises in “discrimination lawsuits” and pockets around $63,000 (£50,000) a year — gets to hear the “craziest stories”, which are “regularly driven by the unreasonable mores of lust, anger, passion, and envy.”


Now, thanks in part to his own smart-casual stupidity, Lloyd has another crazy anecdote to add to the dinner party collection.