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High-flying media lawyer acting for ex-MI6 Trump dossier author disbarred for faking High Court order

Nicola Cain also submitted witness statement for client Christopher Steele without authorisation

Feb 7 2022 11:40am

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Trump’s nominee for top judicial role has never heard a case before and was deemed ‘not qualified’ by the bar association

And he's reportedly under fire for not disclosing wife's White House role

Nov 14 2017 11:34am

Harvard lawyers think Donald Trump may have done enough to be impeached

Disclosure of sensitive information ‘most serious charge ever made against a sitting president’

May 17 2017 12:09pm

‘Active, aggressive and long-winded’: verdict on Trump’s Supreme Court appointee

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Teenager behind website which allows kittens to punch Donald Trump in the face receives cease and desist letter

It’s ‘fucking outrageous’, says creator of KittenFeed.com

Mar 22 2017 2:23pm

You have to read this Hawaii judge’s Donald Trump smack-down

President’s latest immigration ban has been temporarily blocked

Mar 16 2017 11:02am

Petition by Leeds CPS solicitor reaps rewards as Trump’s state visit postponed

Graham Guest’s online appeal chalked up almost two million signatures

Mar 1 2017 11:10am

Students ‘proud’ as Kent Law School academics take on Donald Trump

But can a letter signed by 253 law scholars achieve more than a petition by nearly two million?

Feb 16 2017 1:34pm

CPS solicitor who launched petition to stop Trump making UK state visit could face disciplinary action

Graham Guest’s online appeal has received over 1.8 million signatures

Feb 6 2017 1:33pm