Legal Cheek’s big fat quiz of the year

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A look back at the madness that was 2016 — but how much do you remember?


In a year that has seen the United Kingdom turn its back on Europe and Donald Trump romp to victory in the US election, Legal Cheek takes stock on what has been an action-packed 12 months of highs and lows.

So put your knowledge of legal affairs and social media tittle-tattle to the test, and take Legal Cheek’s big fat legal quiz of the year.


Anna Midgley hit headlines in January after being appointed as a Crown Court judge. But why was her appointment so special?

a) She had previously worked for Legal Cheek.
b) She had no legal background.
c) She had recently starred in a Katy Perry music video.
d) She was only 33, making her the youngest criminal law judge in recent history.


A King’s College law student called upon the case law classic of Donoghue v Stevenson in an attempt to land herself a lifetime’s supply of what?

a) Pizza.
b) Law firm pens.
c) Ginger beer.
d) KitKats.


In March a job seeker attached something to their CV before submitting it to magic circle firm Slaughter and May. But what was it?

a) A £50 note.
b) A professional headshot.
c) Two packets of Haribo sweets.
d) Two £50 notes.


In late April Judge Ian Lawrie QC — sitting at Plymouth Crown Court — stopped a trial briefly because…

a) He was about to be sick.
b) His phone started ringing.
c) He hadn’t heard of One Direction.
d) He had to pick up his daughter from school.


Who was voted Legal Cheek’s most influential law student in May?

a) ‘Out of the Blue’ frontman Deon Fang.
b) King of LinkedIn Lord Harley.
c) Olympian Jazmin Sawyers.
d) University Challenge legend Ted Loveday.


In June, having realised he was a juror short, Judge Andrew Barnett did what to ensure a trial he was presiding over could go ahead without delay?

a) Drafted in another judge to sit on the jury.
b) Allowed the trial to go ahead with a reduced number of jurors.
c) Asked someone from the public gallery.
d) Sent a court usher out onto the streets in search of another juror.


In July of this year, who was sworn in as the new Justice Secretary?

a) Chris Grayling (again).
b) Liz Truss.
c) Some imported cheese.
d) Joshua Rozenberg QC.


Partners at Eversheds had an ingenious way of helping their lawyers keep cool during what was a particularly warm August. But what did they do?

a) Hired an ice cream van.
b) Took lawyers to a local ice rink.
c) Allowed them to wear shorts.
d) Moved their desks and computers into the firm’s car park.


Three top firms revealed they were set to merge in September. Which ones were they?

a) Clifford Chance, Slaughter and May and White & Case.
b) CMS Cameron McKenna, Nabarro and Olswang.
c) CMS Cameron McKenna, Nabarro and Hogan Lovells.
d) Nabarro, Clifford Chance and Burges Salmon.


Back in October Legal Cheek revealed some of the best law firm perks. But which one of the following is not genuine?

a) Professional sushi chef.
b) Swimming pool.
c) Cryotherapy chamber.
d) Flu jabs.


In early November it emerged that Doughty Street barrister Amal Clooney had attended the same school as…

a) Lady Hale.
b) Liz Truss.
c) The opera singer from the Go Compare advert.
d) Rapper Honey G.


A former Clifford Chance trainee claimed what had prevented him from achieving his lawyer dreams?

a) His bald head.
b) His 2:1 from Oxford University.
c) Liz Truss.
d) His weirdly long nails.

The answers are here.

Happy Christmas from the Legal Cheek team! Thanks for reading and commenting, and we’ll see you in 2017.